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Soap Challenges 2013: Tiger Stripe Soap, Week One soap recipes and tutorials

Amy at Great Cakes Soapworks has started up her Soap Challenges again this year! Last year, I was too busy to participate, but I promised myself I would try to get in on it this go around.

When Amy...

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Lather Lovers: Additive Testing soap science and info

The biggest part of soapmaking that I enjoy is formulating and testing. Trying different formulas, additives, fragrances, and colorants add up to a lot of testing over the years.

Last year, I...

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It's not enough to be "not racist."

We must do better.

We must be actively anti-racist in our professional and personal lives to change how society works. Black soapmakers, Indigenuous soapmakers, and soapmakers of color deserve an equal opportunity to live freely, make money, and follow their dreams. Read our anti-racism pledge, see what we are doing, & find out how you can join us in closing the gap.

Learn more about our commitment to anti-racism in business.