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Thousands of soapmakers have worked with us, from the fresh-faced soapmaker ready to build a biz to the stressed-out and overwhelmed soap biz owner years deep. With over 30 years of experience in the handmade soap & cosmetic industry, you won't find better mentors to help you reach your goals.

Sound like you?

  • You are tired of giving your soap biz your all for so little in return and are left wondering what magic other soapmakers on your social media feed have that you don't.
  • You are ready to to focus down, follow the advice of someone who has been there (and done that), to get your journey towards success kicking in high gear.
  • You aren't afraid to chase your dreams and turn your passion for soapmaking into a profitable powerhouse to build your income and leave a legacy for your fam.

If so, it sounds like you're in the right place and we can help!

Go from Soapmaker to Moneymaker

Build Your Soap Biz From The Ground Up

stop trying to figure everything out yourself and skip straight to feeling confident in what to do next

If you are ready to build your successful soap biz, it's time to meet Soapmaker to Moneymaker (S2M). Our flagship program teaches you everything there is to know about your first year in business.

Learn how to set your biz up legally, follow all the regulations, price your products, keep track of your financials, identify your target market, create magnetic branding, design cohesive product lines, streamline production, market your biz online, and sell your products exactly how you want to (online, in person, retail, wholesale, etc.)

While this program was designed for the brand new biz owner, half our grads have been in the biz for years and realized they missed key steps in getting set up for success and wanted to finally get it all right.

If you aren't seeing the traction you dreamed of, aren't sure what you are supposed to be focusing on, or feel like every day is a new day of throwing spaghetti at the wall, Soapmaker to Moneymaker (S2M) will clear the path and give you specific actionable steps towards your dreams.

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what our soapmaker to moneymaker graduates are saying:

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Drive Your Future with the Core Compass

Level Up Your Soap Biz in an Exclusive & Supportive Environment

say hello to your new inner circle of biz besties where you'll reach the next level of revenue in your biz in four months flat

Being an entrepreneur is hard, being a soap biz owner is harder. Between the lulls and pulls of creativity and passion, it can be hard to focus in on the biz decisions that can make or break your biz. And it only gets more difficult when you do it all alone.

If you're ready to set your focus on the next level, it's time to discover the roadmap created specifically for where you are in your biz. Using our signature framework, you'll overcome the three biggest hurdles in your biz with a small group of your perfectly-matched peers.

Success isn't just action steps, it requires personal growth and a supportive network. And we deliver all of it right inside this intimate four-month experience.

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Get all eyes on you with 1:1 consulting

Tackle Your Biggest Problems With High-Touch Support & Zero Judgement

ditch the 2 am google searches and pick the brain of someone who has been there, done that

Sometimes, you just need the answers to your burning questions without all the extra goodness of a program or course. Pop in for a quick session of Q+A session or commit to an intensive deep-dive of personalized support for your biz.

Whether you need someone to give you formulation feedback or answer all your questions about marketing, our team has an expert on hand to help you out.

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