Want to Build Your Own Successful soap Biz?

Tired of dragging Your Soap to farmers markets?
Is craft show roulette burning you out?

It might feel like
in-person sales events are your
only way to make bank,
but I promise you they're not.

There's no sense in sticking to what doesn't work for you.

It's time to switch it up.

Moving into wholesale is one of the best ways to boost sales and profitability for your soap business. If you need help getting there, we’ve got you.

Join Kenna for this special training with a wholesale and distribution expert to learn the tricks of the trade from an industry insider.

Ready to diversify your income streams
and add some wholesale juice
to your soap biz machine?

Spend some time with industry insiders to learn the tricks of the trade

Our Expert sessions are usually a members-only affair, but we’re living in unusual times.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Whether or not NOW is the right time to dive into wholesale for your soap business
  • The secret to grabbing a buyer’s attention without being needy or pushy
  • The best way to figure what stores to approach and where to find them
  • If you really need a wholesale rep to land your products on shelves or if you can do it yourself
  • What kind of pricing retailers expect from you, especially when 50% off retail seems drasticĀ 
  • When you can expect to get paid from retailers (and whether or not a retailer is ghosting you)
  • And so much more…

Get an insider perspective from Kenna, a previous retail buyer, and Sandra, a current sales rep, as you step foot in this wide open world of wholesale.

Take advantage of this free workshop.

Workshops like this one are normally only available to our Next Level Tribe members, but we’re sneaking you in behind closed doors. Shhh, come on.

What Attendees Are Saying

Not sure if this free workshop is worth your time?
Here's what attendees had to say:
I don't think we've met...

Hey, rockstar.
I'm Kenna.

Let's turn your soapy passion into cash in your pocket.

I started making soap in 2004, and spent years perfecting my techniques, formulas, and knowledge. Some say that one of my superpowers is distilling soapmaking chemistry down to plain English.

I’ve owned and operated two successful soap companies: Amathia Soapworks and Gratitude Soapery. In 2018, I sold Gratitude Soapery so I could put 100% of my focus on helping you have the same success.

When it comes to being a badass soap biz owner, you could say, I’ve been there, done that, and have the damn t-shirt. Let’s get you one, too.

Start Taking Your Biz to the Next Level