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With decades of experience in the industry, our team is here to give you the answers on how to make next-level money moves in your biz and take the pressure off to figure it all out on your own.

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You took the bold step to start a biz doing what you love.

People kept telling you to start a business. They loved your soap. (I mean, everyone needs soap, right?)

So, you bought all the fragrances and micas and molds.

You developed the product line and you put yourself out there. 

But after working hard and doing the absolute most, you aren't seeing results.

Figuring it all out with 2 am Google searches and lengthy unproductive Facebook group threads isn't going to cut it, rockstar. 

When the problem is in your face, it's hard to identify the root cause and find a viable solution that isn't going to land you in the same place all over again.

We're here to help you take it to the next level, are you ready to dive in?

With just a little help, you could...

  • Spend your precious time developing your biz with a higher level of focus and intention rather than wasting it researching and asking around
  • Create ease in your business by skipping the second-guessing and jumping right to action mode
  • Develop a better plan for your personal and unique situation that works specifically for you and not every soapmaker on the block
  • Validate what you already know: you're a badass biz owner with success in her back pocket, you just need a lil support


Personalized Support

Whether you need just a little push or a big shove, our tough love style and decades of industry experience and knowledge is right at your fingertips.

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Rebatch Your Biz Audits

Are you unsure what to tackle next to see big results?? Not sure why your biz isn't producing what you want right now?

Rebatch Your Biz Audits are perfect for crucial feedback and quick support. You'll get expert eyes on your biz to evaluate what is working, what's not, and what's holding you back. You'll walk away with a summary audit report detailing key performance metrics and a personalized Loom video from Kenna explaining your next steps.

Requirements: Fill out a questionnaire received via email immediately upon registration. 

Cost: $297 (audit report pdf, up to 30-minute personalized video)

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Strategy Sessions

Looking for a little more help? Want someone to deep-dive your biz and help you problem-solve in real-time?

Get your business assessed by our team, and then hop on a Strategy Session with Kenna to talk about pain points and the best strategies to move your biz forward. Ask any question your heart desires. Availability is typically Wednesdays, 10 am to 4 pm Eastern.

Requirements: Zoom web or smartphone app, a device with a speaker, microphone, and camera (text only can be used for accessibility on request). 

Cost: $600 (60-minute video conference session, access to recording, support follow-up)

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Formula Consultation

If you want a second set of eyes on your formula or need some help troubleshooting, we've got decades of formulating experience to help you out.

Submit your formula, and our team will review it for improvements, cost savings, and troubleshooting. Receive an in-depth formula report with our assessment, and up to three recommended modified formulas for turning a profit in your biz. 

Want to talk shop with Kenna? Add an optional consult to discuss your report and the recommended changes. Availability is typically Wednesdays, 10 am to 4 pm Eastern.

Requirements: Intake questionnaire with formula details (optional: NDA available)

Optional consultation add-on: Zoom web or smartphone app and a device with a speaker, microphone, and camera

Cost: $350 (in-depth, personalized formulation report and recommendations, up to three alternative formulas)

Optional consultation add-on: +$300 (30 minute Zoom consultation, access to recording)

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