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Welcoming a New Addition to Modern Soapmaking: Meet Stephanie

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Back in March, I put out the call for applications for the perfect Community Coordinator to join the Modern Soapmaking team. This was a unique position in that the person needed advanced soapmaking expertise so that they could help field soapmaking questions. Also, they needed to be super organized and customer service oriented so that they would fit seamlessly into helping me serve the Modern Soapmaking community.

With over a hundred applicants and some impressive phone interviews, y'all brought the goods! After careful consideration (and lots of agony!), I'm really excited to announce a new addition to the Modern Soapmaking team. Yessss!

Pretty please put your hands together and give a warm welcome to Stephanie Hamling in the position of Community Coordinator here at Modern Soapmaking. She will assist me in managing and building the community around Modern Soapmaking, such as responding to questions on social media and in email, as well as helping facilitate community programs and events (and so much more!)

Stephanie is a passionate soapmaker, micro-business owner, and dedicated, active member of the Modern Soapmaking Business of Soapmaking Facebook group.

I'll hand it off to Stephanie to do the rest of the honors:

Hey, y'all! I'm thrilled to be joining the Modern Soapmaking team. Many of you know me from the Business of Soapmaking Facebook group. Or, you might have seen my guest post reviewing Craftybase for soapmakers or other contributions I've made to articles (like this article about shipping handmade soap!) For those I don't know, nice to meet you!

Here's a little bit about me:

I started making soap in my late teens. Nothing commercially available suited my allergies, budget, and scent preferences. Hit fast-forward through college and a variety of graphic arts jobs. After a couple of layoffs and a rough economy, I found myself cashiering at a local market. I was eager for a challenge that would feed my creativity. I also wanted put some money in my pocket long term.

After months of research, I founded Southern Girl Soapery, my bath and body company serving the modern belle. That was in 2012. I wish Modern Soapmaking's tips had been around then! I've been growing the company carefully while balancing its demands with family obligations. I recently relocated the company, my home, myself, and my dog, Sophie, to be closer to my parents. If you are facing a challenge in business, there is a good chance I've hit it too!

 Stephanie shows off how she packs the goods for Southern Girl Soapery.

Getting settled back into the rural area I grew up in has been great but not without it's challenges. If I'm craving a Sonic happy hour fix, it's a half-hour drive. To hit up a print shop for a rush job, triple that! But, I'm living in the house my grandma raised her family in, and I get the benefit of her weathered porch swing and indestructible clothesline. I can check in on Mom and Dad on my lunch break under the guise of watering the chickens and weeding vegetable garden. It's all a bit surreal, but I think Grandma Gangluff would be proud of me. I'm not filling her place, but I'm doing good, fulfilling work here.

My first night in my "new" home, Kenna's post seeking a Community Coordinator popped up on my news feed. I knew I'd found my dream part-time job. I'm a bit star-stuck to be working with my favorite mentor, and I am thrilled to be a part of YOUR soapy journey.

Let's do this!

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