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Video: Lavender & Cedar Split Tiger Stripe Soap

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three bars of lavender and cedar tiger stripe soap

I've been spending a lot of time playing in the soapy workshop this month, swatching colorants for a new edition of Swatch Mania and creating tutorials for y'all.

When I got my hands on the new Bramble Berry colorants, I could not wait to share them!

This tiger stripe soap was created using a little modification on the technique, with a different twist than my other modified tiger stripe soap video.

Check it out to see how:

For this split tiger stripe soap, I used the following soap formula:

  • 24% Rice Bran Oil
  • 24% Apricot Kernel Oil
  • 20% Coconut Oil
  • 13% Shea Butter
  • 13% Babassu Oil
  • 6% Castor Oil

I used a 7% superfat and a 33% lye solution. You are welcome to use this vegan friendly and palm-free soap recipe, and size it for your molds using a lye calculator!

Remember to add a little extra to account for the losses in the squeeze bottles. ;)

I used colorants from Bramble Berry, one of my favorite soap supply companies. The colorants are: Titanium Dioxide, Activated Charcoal, Bright Blue Jean, and Radiant Plum.

(p.s. The Bright Blue Jean colorant is on Web Special for 20% right now! I'm not sure how long that will last, but heads up!)

This tiger stripe soap is scented with Bramble Berry's lovely Lavender & Cedar fragrance oil. I read in their product description that the camphor notes fade a little in cold process soap, so I tossed in some atlas cedar and spanish rosemary essential oils to hold it up. Mmmmhhhmmm.

The mold I used is a brand spankin' new mold I've been using a lot lately from Soap Hutch. It's called the Uber Kate mold and it can literally be configured into any soap bar size you could possibly want (three loaves, two loaves, slab, etc.) I've had a lot of questions about it on social media, so I'll have a little video coming soon to talk it out. :)

Think you'll give this modified technique a shot? Make sure to tell me about it!

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