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Tutorial: Using Mica to Stamp Cold Process Soap (+ a New Custom Soap Stamp!)

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stamp on black bar of soap

You know how much I love my custom soap stamps! They are a great way to add a unique flare to cold process soap and incorporate your branding into your naked (unpackaged) soap!

Can it get any better?

Of course! You can give it a real touch of luxury by using mica to stamp cold process soap. It creates a glittery or shimmery impression! Here's a quick photo tutorial on how to do just that...

Using Mica to Stamp Cold Process Soap

PREP WORK: Make sure your stamp is nice and clean. Use a toothbrush to scrub out any soap bits! Sprinkle out some mica on piece of paper. You want a nice flat surface with a thin layer of mica, so that the mica does not get into the crevices of the stamp.

Spread mica out on a flat piece of paper.

GET STARTED: Place your stamp directly onto the mica, and press. Think of it like using a rubber stamp with ink on paper. You want to place the face of the stamp directly down on the mica, and get a nice coating on the face. Take care that you aren't getting mica in the crevices of the stamp!

Check the distribution of the mica on the face of the stamp, and tap any excess off.

Place the stamp face down in the mica to coat the face of the stamp.

Check the distribution of mica on the stamp face, and tap off any excess.

STEADY NOW: Place the stamp on the face of your bar of soap, being careful not to move the stamp once it comes in contact with the soap. If you move it around too much, you'll have a lot of mica to clean up!

Once you have your stamp placed, use a rubber mallet to get a nice clean impression.

Carefully place the stamp, and imprint the soap. I use a rubber mallet.

After lifting the stamp from the soap, there will be stray mica...

MAKE IT PRETTY: There is always a little bit of excess mica that flutters out from the stamp onto the rest of the bar of soap. You can clean it up really easy!

Spray the face of the bar of soap with rubbing alcohol or distilled water, and use a microfiber cloth to gently wipe off the bar. You want to barely touch the cloth to the soap. Or you can use a cotton swab! Another option is to spray the cloth and wipe the face of the soap, instead of spraying the bar itself.

Spritz the soap with rubbing alcohol or distilled water to remove excess mica.

Gently wipe off the excess mica.

SHIMMERY BEAUTY: Once you've gotten it all cleaned up, your soap is ready to cure. Voila! Shimmery and beautiful stamped soaps!


Finished soap stamped with mica

Did you notice anything about the stamp?

Oh, yes, I got a new one!

One of my previous students Tara told the fabulous owner at Jet Stamps about my obsession with cold process soap stamps. (Thank you, Tara!!) I sent Brett my logo for Gratitude Soapery and he whipped up a stamp super fast and got it in the mail.

Disclosure: I did receive my stamp as a gift from Brett. However, my decision to blog about it and the opinions provided are my own. I love supporting other makers, especially those who have a quality product and are making a difference through their biz. Y'all know I don't hold back when it comes to opinions though! ;)

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