Soap Visor Review: A New Kind of Safety Gear

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woman wearing a face shield

This post is brought to you courtesy of Izza.

Safety gear in soapmaking is an absolute necessity, but goggles can be a huge pain. Especially for those of us who sport glasses. Is there another option? There is now with the Soap Visor!

When Alegna Soap approached Modern Soapmaking to review this new product, I wasn’t sure what to expect. 100% of the time that I soap, I make sure to gear up for the worst-case scenario: long sleeves - ✓ gloves - ✓ eye protection - ✓

You never know what could happen when you are using caustic chemicals so it is always the best practice to follow all the measures make handmade soap safely and protect yourself!

SPOILER ALERT: I love this soap visor!

At first glance: unboxing the Alegna Soap Visor

When the soap visor first arrived, I was pleasantly surprised. After easily constructing the visor (it came in three parts: the visor and two clear Op-d-Op shields). I tried it on and instantly felt more protected than with regular goggles.

The design of the visor itself is lightweight and well constructed. It fits securely with a toggle cord that is easy to loosen or tighten. There is a piece of foam that also adds a level of comfort along with slippage prevention while wearing the visor.

 Teal Soap Visor via Alegna Soap

Now for the most ingenious element of this entire design - the Op-d-Op shield.

This shield is what made me a believer. It not only protects my entire face, but it’s also crystal clear, and DOES NOT fog! Occasionally I wear my glasses while I soap, and they tend to fog up or feel uncomfortable underneath goggles. However, with this soap visor that is no longer an issue. The visor is truly comfortable as well as easy to clean. Soaping can be messy, with splashes or smears from residue left on your gloves. With a quick wipe down, the shield returns to its crystal clear state.

This visor is wonderful not only for soaping but for any activity that requires eye protection. From bath bomb creation to lotion making, the possibilities are truly endless.

But, there is one downside...

I cannot think of many issues with this visor other than lye solution mixing. When I mix my solution, I use an industrial respirator, which the visor does not fit over. But in all other cases, this visor is my first choice eye protection.

 Check it out and get your own Soap Visor.

It comes in 7 different colors and costs $38.00 USD (at time of publication). I would recommend this visor as a great alternative to traditional goggles especially if you wear glasses.

Check out the Soap Visor

Alegna Soap provided me with the Teal Soap Visor free of charge in exchange for my honest review. The opinions published here are my own and describe my honest thoughts about the product. I was not compensated in any other way for this review.

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