Soap Challenges 2013: Tiger Stripe Soap, Week One

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rainbow tiger stripe soap

Amy at Great Cakes Soapworks has started up her Soap Challenges again this year! Last year, I was too busy to participate, but I promised myself I would try to get in on it this go around.

When Amy debuted the list of weekly challenges and I saw my Tiger Stripe soap for the first week, I knew I HAD to participate.



I decided to revisit what I did for the International Friendship Soap Swap and re-attempt a fine lined rainbow via the tiger stripe method instead of the faux funnel method.

Watch it in the making here:

In case you missed it, I used a very slow moving fragrance blend from Brambleberry: 50% Kumquat and 50% Energy. The micas I used (and love for rainbow colors!) are Ruby Red, Tangerine, Magic Yellow, Apple Green, Blue Kamikaze, and Cosmo Martini from the Conservatorie. (I also shared a lot of mica tests on Facebook from the Conservatorie, and will be sharing them here on the blog soon!)

I was nervous the soap wouldn't come out how I planned, but it did! It's exactly what I wanted. I took a snapshot while I was dusting the tops with a rainbow mica shimmer, so I could share it with you all. There will be 11 bars of this batch available via the website at the end of April, can't wait to get them in your hands!

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