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Soap Challenges 2013: Rainbow Peacock Swirl Soap

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Rainbow peacock swirl soap

After Amy's four weeks of soap challenges earlier this year, she realized she was on to something! After some brainstorming and planning, the Soap Challenge Club was born!

June is the first month of the Soap Challenge Club and brings us the peacock swirl soap challenge! Staying true to form, I pulled out my six favorite micas and got cracking at the rainbow!

Unlike previous challenges, this one took me not one, not two, but THREE tries.

Third time's the charm, right?

The first attempt, I decided to risk it and add my fragrance to my entire batch. It started to trace before I even got it in the squeeze bottles! So Plan B: into a silicone loaf mold it went! (And now it's the pretty layered rainbow soap)

On the second attempt, everything went great... until I pulled my "comb" through the soap and watched it turn all my colors to stick in the mud brown. I determined the teeth were too close together, and prepped for Round 3.

You can watch how it went below!

Rainbow Peacock Swirl Soap Video

Amy shared a slow-moving recipe with us for the peacock swirl soap challenge.

I needed to use up some Mango Butter I had on hand, so I came up with my own formula. Every soapmaker needs slow-movers in their arsenal, so I decided to share!

Here's the formula I used:

Olive Oil - 26%
Apricot Kernel Oil - 23%
Palm Kernel Oil - 22%
Coconut Oil - 14%
Castor Oil - 8%
Mango Butter - 7%

I used the full water amount, and a 7% superfat. I scented this batch with a blend of citrus essential oils, which can fade a bit. I used 55 grams of the blend total.

I hope that helps you in the future!

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