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Recommended Cosmetics Industry Publications for Indie Business Owners

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Soapmakers tend to live in their own little worlds, getting immersed in the latest tutorials and experiments by other soapmakers, as well as blog posts by niche industry writers (like me!) Hey, I'm no different - I love reading up on Point of Interest, Soap Queen, Saponifier, Soap Deli, Adventures with the Sage, and oh so many more!

However, I do spend a lot of time looking outside our little bubble to check what's going on in the beauty industry as a whole by checking out cosmetics industry publications...

 Recommended Cosmetics Industry Publications for Indie Business Owners

As a bit of a chemistry & science geek, I love reading about the latest technology advancements, new ingredient developments, skincare patents, and research studies. It's always interesting to me to see how huge beauty brands are innovating, changing, and most of all, marketing, to see what I can learn from them.

Getting information about how certain ingredient supply chains are being influenced (bad weather, low yields, etc.) and what skincare trends are dying or building is handy. It definitely helps to better understand the industry as a whole and prepare for upcoming changes in the marketplace.

Here are some of my favorite cosmetics industry publications:

Beauty Independent - Beauty Independent recently displaced Happi as my new favorite solutions directory for beauty biz insiders. Access hundreds of service providers, across every major specialty, to help address your business needs.

Happi - Happi publishes a huge variety of content, between their (free) magazine, news articles, podcasts, videos, and white papers. They also host a Top 50 list in the industry, a supplier directory, a contract manufacturing/private label directory, and a multitude of events for the household and personal care products industry.

Beauty Packaging - Beauty Packaging is a sister site of Happi. It has a heavier focus on branding and packaging in the beauty industry, including a buyer's guide for packaging and related services (think, silkscreening or applicators.)

Skin, Inc - Skin, Inc also has a magazine and extensive articles focusing on the beauty industry, but more specifically the world of skin science, skincare, and spa-related products, services, and businesses.

GCI - A sister site of Skin, Inc., GCI has a more general focus on the beauty industry with an emphasis on the business side of things, including a supplier directory, webcasts, events calendar, etc.

Cosmetics & Toiletries - C&T focuses more on the research & development, formulating, science, and regulatory areas of the beauty industry. Being more of a science-minded girl myself, C&T comes in as my close second favorite off this list.

Cosmetics Design - Cosmetics Design is a news publication with a focus on the beauty industry as a whole. It's a welcome addition to my Feedly, where I do a quick skim every few days to catch any interesting news in the industry.

Other news & aggregators publications similar to Cosmetics DesignCosmetics BusinessGlobal Cosmetics NewsPremium Beauty NewsEntrepreneur: Beauty Businesses

Did I miss any beauty industry publications or content sources that you love? Tell me about them in the comments, so I can check them out!

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