Giving Back: Helping Another Soapmaker Over a Major Hurdle

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A year ago, a lovely soapmaker named Trisha Magistro braved through an incredibly difficult time: almost losing her life to a serious and life-threatening medical condition. She contracted necrotizing fasciitis (commonly known as flesh-eating bacteria), and endured over twenty surgeries to save her life.

As is the norm for soapmakers, many individuals from the community banded together to support Trisha and her family during that hard time in her life, providing a shoulder to lean on and words of encouragement. Trisha has always been a positive light and beacon for the community of soapmakers who use Facebook to gather together. She's an administrator of the Facebook group, I Saponify, No Lye which gives over 3,000 soapmakers a place to chat and grow together. She has been a huge supporter of my own work, and Modern Soapmaking over the last two years, too!

While doctors were able to save Trisha, they were not able to save her leg. Trisha has been through so much over the past year, facing the reality of losing a limb, and adjusting to such extreme change. Through it all, she has continued to be an inspiration to all of us - staying ridiculously positive and amazing.

Finally, the light at the end of the tunnel is in full view!

Trisha is beyond ready to regain her independence and have her life back to enjoy, and is preparing to get a new prosthetic limb. As is typically the case with medical care, the total cost for a prosthetic is astronomical ($40,000!) Her copay is attainable at $3200, but still more money than her or her family can afford after all they have braved this past year in the face of her medical battle.

Another fabulous soapmaker named Dei (and a very close friend of Trisha) has put out a call to rally the troops of soapmakers. Dei is hosting an online auction to raise money for Trisha's prosthetic limb, and it's happening this weekend.

The auction is chock full of goodies that a soapmaker would fawn over, and I've (of course!) also donated to the cause by providing a copy of my new Pricing for Profit workbook, available exclusively in Next Level.

What's up on the auction block? Here's just a few highlights: a variety of silicone soap molds, metal multi-wire soap cutters, fragrance oils, soapmaking colorants, registration to the Soap Challenge Club, books about soapmaking and business, as well as gift certificates to various industry standouts (like The Saponifier, Soapies Supplies, and Mad Oils!) Plus, tons of handmade goodies are up for grabs, too.

Want to help a soapmaker out?

Participate in the Auction on Facebook

The auction takes place on Sunday, September 20th, in the afternoon. Tune in via Facebook to check it out.

Update: Soapmakers are awesome, y'all!

The community rallied together and raised over $4700 for Trisha, which will pay for her new prosthetic and help pay for her physical therapy co-pays.

Trisha shared a heartfelt and moving video expressing her gratitude via the Auction page on Facebook, and I couldn't be more thrilled to see so many soapmakers move a mountain together!

Support Trisha via

Want to directly help Trisha without all the auction nonsense? You can donate via above.

Disclaimer (as always:) Trisha is a personal friend of mine and a soapmaker I have known for years. All of the opinions and facts provided are to the full extent of my knowledge, and I do not benefit in any way from letting you know about this community effort. 

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