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#FM2UReads: January is All About Reworking Your Biz

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To celebrate your awesomeness in 2015, I have a series of #FM2UReads planned throughout the year. These are some of my favorite business books of all time, and you'll get the chance to snag them. Yesssss!

January is all about reworking your biz - finding what is totally working for you, what needs to be kicked to the curb, and planning out how you are going to make the entire year rock your damn socks off.

My favorite book to read as I look to the New Year is REWORK by Jason Fried & David Heinemeier Hansson.  

The reasons I love this book are numerous!

First off, it was written by the fab guys behind 37 Signals, otherwise known as the creators of Basecamp.

They also share all their great info & knowledge for techie and biz peeps over on Signal vs. Noise and were the creators of the open source web application framework Ruby on Rails.

In short, I've been a fan of these guys for ten years now, as both a developer/designer and business owner.

So, what is so great about REWORK?

It's a no-fluff book that zooms in on their best tips and advice for running a biz, pointing out all the ways they've reworked traditional business principles to work for their company and their dreams in their own unique way.

It is absolutely impossible to read this book and not get something out of it! 

#FM2UReads Giveaway

If you don't own a copy of REWORK yet, it's time to get your hands on one and you can do that right here and right now. Through the end of January, you can pop on by on the daily and enter to win your own copy. 


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