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5 Quick Tips to Masterminding Wholesale

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Five hot tips for mastering wholesale

For a lot of soapmakers, wholesale sounds like a scary challenge. But it's not as hard or terrifying as it's made out to be! If you've decided to wholesale your soap, and have a good handle on what you need, the last thing you'll need to hit the road is a handful of my favorite tips for masterminding wholesale.

Let's get on it:

1. Keep your ducks in a row.

Even though you've already figured out your cost of goods sold, and gotten your line sheet together, you have to keep it together.

Re-evaluate your wholesale program annually, at the bare minimum, and quarterly if you can swing it. Tidy up your terms, pretty up your line sheet, check your bottom line.

Wholesale is not a set it and forget it game! To stay on top of your success, you have to keep your ducks in a row.

2. KISS - Keep it simple, superstar.

The easier you make it to order, the faster retailers are going to jump on your train. Keep the process smooth, simple, and pain-free to keep your retailers wanting more.

3. It's all about the love.

Wholesale accounts are customers, too. Give them some love, and they'll (probably) return the favor. Feature your stockists in blog posts, drop a photo bomb on Instagram of their order, and give them some link love on a "find a retailer" page on your website.

Invest in the relationships with your wholesale accounts.

4. If you build it, they will not come.

If you want to wholesale, you have to chase retailer tail. Wholesale is not a build it and they will come aspect of biz. Every once in awhile, you'll get lucky and a retailer will come knocking on your door. But if you want it, you have to go after it.

Put yourself out there, find retailers that fit with your brand, and pitch your products. Today.

5. Don't be afraid to be the face of your brand.

If a wholesale account is local to you, do not be afraid to pop in and make a personal appearance. Even if the store is busy, check out your products on the shelves and make sure everything is looking fab.

If you need to talk shop, make an appointment with the buyer and jump on putting your best face forward.

Too often, we get a little too afraid to be the face of our brands. Don't be.

BONUS TIP: It's all biz, hun.

If a retailer drops your products or turns down your pitch, it ain't personal. I promise. Business is business, and rejection is going to happen.

Make sure to follow up on pitches (buyers get busy, too!), and don't hesitate to ask why they aren't interested in your products.

Turn the frown upside down, and use each rejection to better your biz. Do not let it drag you down!

Do you have a hot wholesale tip to share with other soapmakers? Let's hear it, drop it in the comments below.

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