You can have the profitable soap biz
you want, rockstar!

But it starts with knowing your numbers. 

Are you on the right track toward profitability…
or do you have an expensive hobby that needs some fine-tuning?

Get the real deal on your bottom line in under 5 minutes - what are you waiting for?

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Kenna of Modern Soapmaking Making a 25 Lb Batch of Handmade Soap

Wait, who the hell is Kenna and why should I trust her?

Kenna's been around the soap block, literally and figuratively.

She started making soap in 2004. Some say that one of her superpowers is distilling soapmaking chemistry down to plain English.

She's owned and operated two profitable soap companies: Amathia Soapworks and Gratitude Soapery. In 2013, she launched Modern Soapmaking to help other soapmakers see the same success.

She's spoken at dozens of industry conferences, events, and workshops and has taught thousands of soapmakers how to make the best damn soap ever (and how to make bank selling it).

When it comes to being a badass soap biz owner, you could say, she's been there, done that, and has the damn t-shirt. Let’s get you one, too.


Not sure where to start?

One of the most common mistakes that soapmakers make when starting a soap business is diving in before taking stock of the details.

Owning a soap business isn’t easy, and there’s no cakewalk to be seen!

This free workbook will give you a strong foundation to build your soap biz on so it can withstand tornado-strength challenges rather than crumbling under a light breeze.

Get the Workbook

Ready to build your soap biz from the ground up with a step-by-step game plan?

Starting a business is hard - we're not going to lie and pretend like it's easy.

Yeah, sure, you could Google and YouTube until you turn blue. But how do you know if that advice comes from someone who knows what they're doing?

And how many hours will it take to find all the answers you need?

Let's not even talk about all the stuff that you just don't realize you need to know to Google in the first place.

How about skipping straight to the finish line with an eight-week step-by-step road map for building your dream soap business from the ground up?

Rather than wasting time, money, and energy, learn from someone who has been there and done that.

Go from Soapmaker to Moneymaker

Is your soap biz causing you to feel constantly overwhelmed, lost, and confused?

Ditch the lengthy Google searches that turn up sixteen different answers and no explanation.

Stop asking random soapmakers in a FB group who really have raging dumpster fires happening behind the scenes.

Skip seeking out the latest “pro” to dish out their regurgitated advice with no connection to your biz or our industry.

Get support from a community that knows how it feels while snagging access to tons of resources, tools, and workshops to help you conquer your latest biz challenges.

It's like having Kenna pop up over your shoulder, giving you advice when you need it most. (Except she won't be sporting a halo or angel wings, sorry.)

Take Your Soap Biz to the Next Level

"You and your team are gems, and I am so grateful for the work you are doing.

Although you market your business on how to build and market a soap business, it's so much more than that - you are teaching us how to dive deep into ourselves and clean up the years of muck to make space for whatever wonderful dreams and wishes to manifest."

Renee Catalfano, The Irish Daisy

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