Behind the Scenes of Bringing the Essential Oil Blending Calculator to Life


For years, I've been wanting to put together an essential oil blending resource for the community, but couldn't manage to spend the time to create it myself. This past summer, I took a nosedive into crowdfunding (once again!), to make it a reality. In the last three months, I've worked nonstop on the massive project of essential oil doom. To start it all, I worked with the Modern Soapmaking … [Read more...]

Tutorial: Espresso Almond Milk Soap Recipe

Espresso Almond Milk Soap Recipe

Recently I jumped on the almond milk soap bandwagon and I must say that I am a fan! It’s rich and luxurious, so of course, I had to soap with it! Milk soaps have been popular for quite some time, they are moisturizing, creamy, and they lather beautifully. Almond milk soaps have the added benefit of being vegan-friendly, which can be a concern for some soapmakers! If you have never worked … [Read more...]

An Update on the Current Cosmetics Regulation Reform Efforts in the USA

An Update on Cosmetics Regulation Reform

Over the last couple years, there has been a rumbling in the walls of our legislative bodies when it comes to cosmetics regulation reform in the United States, and it's important for all of us to be informed, get involved, and make our voices heard. Below, I've outlined all the current instances of cosmetics regulation reform that's happening as well as a recent briefing call we … [Read more...]

Tutorial: Vegan Friendly Milk and Honey Soap Recipe


I am not a vegan. But as a chef, I have always wanted to know as much as possible about food, the way it works, and how to make things taste good! I discovered nut milks and cheeses many years ago and was hooked. When I began to make soaps, I started to experiment with things other than nuts that can be made into milk, like seeds and oats. And the inspiration for this vegan friendly milk and honey … [Read more...]

Tutorial: Lavender Melt and Pour Soap with Embedded Cubes


Today, I decided to show you the process of making this long time bestseller in my shop: melt and pour soap with embeds! It’s a purple lavender and chamomile melt and pour soap, but you can choose other scents and color combinations, if you wish. The result will be the same design of solid cube embeds in clear soap. I used my 24 inch stainless steel molds from Soap Equipment, which can … [Read more...]

The Best Soapmaking Supplier(s) in the Country

The Best Soapmaking Suppliers in the Country

A few weeks ago, I asked y'all to vote for your favorite soapmaking suppliers in the country and boy, did you respond! Almost a thousand soapmakers cast their votes! We narrowed down the best soapmaking supplier by product category, plus the best soapmaking suppliers for customer service, quality, shipping, and prices! I hope this list serves as a great starting point for finding suppliers … [Read more...]

Vote for the Best Soapmaking Suppliers in the USA!

Best Soapmaking Suppliers

Over the last decade, soapmaking has become an easier craft to jump into thanks to the plethora of resources  and supplies available! When I first started making soap, soapmakers often used crayons and fabric dye (gross!) to color their soap and expensive fragrances bought at retail stores to whip up their creations. The internet has made it possible for soapmakers across the country to use … [Read more...]

Tutorial: Rainbow Linear Swirl Soap Recipe with Natural Colorants

finished rainbow linear swirl soaps

Soapmakers often marvel at all of my rainbow soaps, but often forget that natural colorants can give you a full spectrum of beauty, too! I wanted to show off some rainbow goodness with natural colorants, and the linear swirl soap design technique is the perfect way to do that! (It truly lets the colors shine, plus it's one of the easiest swirls out there!) I'm also trying out a new thing on … [Read more...]