Tutorial: Shaving Soap Recipe with Stearic Acid

Tutorial: Shaving Soap Recipe with Stearic Acid

Last year, Veronica shared her palm-free shaving soap recipe, and it's been quite the hit! However, a lot of soapmakers have been requesting two modifications: A wet shaving soap formula with palm oil (not palm-free) A palm free shaving soap formula without soy Today, we're going to tackle the first request: a traditional shaving soap made with stearic acid, which is often derived from … [Read more...]

How to Replace an Oil in a Soap Recipe Accurately

How to Replace An Oil in a Soap Recipe

One of the most common questions I get here on Modern Soapmaking is how to replace an oil in a soap recipe. I know and understand that not everyone uses or stocks the same oils in their soapmaking studio, so I figured it was high time I wrote about it! If you have made the soap recipe before, you can make a more educated decision about what you are changing and why. If you want to increase the … [Read more...]

Review: Soap Bar Lounge Soap Dish (Made in the USA Soap Dish to Sell with Your Soaps!)

soap bar lounge soap dish

Soap dishes may seem like a small detail, but when you are soap maker who has artfully designed your recipe, you wouldn't want your soap wasting away in a soggy dish. You certainly don't want those skin loving properties to melt away before your customer gets to reap its benefits! If your customers are new to handmade soap, they may not know that soap needs to be elevated and dried between … [Read more...]

Tutorial: Black Raspberry Vanilla Soap with Berries & Cream

To prep the blackberries for the Black Raspberry Soap, pop them in a blender with no additional liquid.

If you have been making soap for any amount of time, you have either heard of or used a fragrance oil called Black Raspberry Vanilla. This fragrance oil has become a favorite among soapmakers because it behaves well in soap. Plus, it it smells great and customers love it!! So I started wondering what would happen if I used real black raspberries and real vanilla beans in my soap. I will admit … [Read more...]

How I Started Making Big Batch Hot Process Soap

My slab mold that holds sixty bars of big batch hot process soap!

I love to hear stories from other soapmakers about how they started their businesses, and what the turning points were that made a big difference in their growth. So I thought I would share a little about my own experiences with my business! I started out as a cold process soapmaker. After getting really frustrated with morphing colorants and fragrances that turned my fluid soap into an … [Read more...]

Tips for Making Hybrid Soap Successfully (Mixing Melt and Pour with Cold Process Soap)

hybrid soap

Have you ever wanted to combine cold process soap with melt and pour soap for a stunning hybrid soap? If you want to attract attention online, or catch your customer's eye at your next show, hybrid soaps are one way to do it! Wait, what?! What are hybrid soaps, you ask? Hybrid soaps are combination of cold process soap and melt and pour soap into a single bar or batch of soap. The creamy cold … [Read more...]

Tutorial: DIY Silicone Soap Mold for Novelty Soaps (+ How to Make Melt and Pour Soap Seashells)

Weighing the two parts of the silicone compound to make the DIY silicone soap mold.

Since I live on an island surrounded by 300 kilometers of white sand beaches, I love to go shell hunting with my kiddos. My customers can’t get enough of anything that looks, smells or feel like the ocean. So, I decided to create a DIY silicone soap mold from a Northern Moon Snail shell. They are the perfect size to fit in your hand once turned into soap! To make a DIY silicone soap mold, I … [Read more...]

Understanding SoapCalc’s Soap Quality Numbers

SoapCalc's Soap Quality numbers of a standard beginner soap recipe.

A lot of soapmakers start formulating on their own based on SoapCalc's soap quality numbers, even though they are surrounded by mystery. Most soapmakers aren't exactly sure where the numbers come from or what exactly the numbers mean. So much so that students in my Formulating Soap Recipes class were blown away to learn what contributes to the numbers listed in SoapCalc. This article talks a … [Read more...]