Tips for Successful Craft Show Booth Designs and Setups

Heather from Naked Goat Soap Company accomplishes a ton of these tips with her unique and eye-catching setup!

One of the biggest things soapmakers agonize over when it comes to doing shows is how to setup a successful craft show booth. There's a lot of great and common advice out there about what tables to use or silly common sense things like including signage. So, today, let's gather up some less commonly talked about features of a successful craft show booth design and setup! To start with, all … [Read more...]

Tutorial: Midnight Star Melt and Pour Soap Cake Recipe

Ariane & Her Finished Melt and Pour Soap Cake with Star Embeds!

In my shop, I always have a Cake of the Day soap sitting on the counter by the cash register. My regular clients love to come back weekly to check what’s new on the cake plate! Melt and pour soap cakes are a wonderful way to test new fragrance oils, as you will know right away if your clients like it, watching the cake disappear… For my melt and pour soap cakes, I use a silicone bundt cake … [Read more...]

Announcing the 2nd Annual Secret Soaper Book Exchange! (2016)


It's that time of year again! Last year, we held the first Secret Soaper Exchange, where over 100 soapmakers from around the world shared their favorite biz books in a gift exchange. This year, we're opening it up to all soapmakers, regardless of whether they own a biz and using a third party service to help smooth the rough patches from last year. Plus, we've extended the deadline out so you … [Read more...]

6 Ways to Prevent Holiday Season Burnout and Stress

Six Ways to Prevent Holiday Burnout and Stress as a Biz Owner

For most soap company owners, the holiday season is a double-edged sword. It's typically the largest sales season for a lot of small business owners, which means money - yay! On the other hand, it's full of fast-paced decision making, supersonic speed marketing, and tons of extra work, from production, labeling, shipping, and so much more. Mix all this up in a short stint of two months, and you … [Read more...]

Tutorial: Fall Medley Soap with Homemade Apple Cider and Pumpkin Puree

Carefully pour the pumpkin soap over the bottom layer. My apple cider soap was starting to set, so I could pour it slowly without it penetrating the bottom layer.

Fall is here!! And with it comes all of the lovely foods and drinks and colors and scents. Why not incorporate fall into a soap? I couldn't decide what I liked more - apple cider or pumpkin, so I thought a fall medley soap that uses both apples and pumpkins would be perfect! This soap involves making your own apple cider and your own roasted pumpkin puree, but you can certainly purchase … [Read more...]

Tutorial: Activated Charcoal and Tea Tree Soap Recipe


You can’t reinvent the wheel but you can definitely take a new spin on it. I love a classic activated charcoal and tea tree soap recipe myself! Instead of doing an all black bar or monotone bar of soap, I wanted to design a soap that paid homage to the tea tree plant with it’s vibrant green and lovely buds. Let's dive in! This soap is sized for a 2.5 Pound Tall and Skinny Mini Basic Mold. … [Read more...]

Is Creamy Lightly Colored Hot Process Goat’s Milk Soap Possible?

Creamy Lightly Colored Hot Process Goat's Milk Soap

Think goat's milk is just for cold process soapmaking? Think again! Today, we're diving into how to make a creamy hot process goat's milk soap! I adore goat's milk as an ingredient in soaps: the sugar adds wonderful bubbles to the lather and the cream is a skin-softening moisturizer. Goat's milk also adds a ton of label appeal in some markets. When I first started making goat's milk soap, I … [Read more...]

Behind the Scenes of Bringing the Essential Oil Blending Calculator to Life


For years, I've been wanting to put together an essential oil blending resource for the community, but couldn't manage to spend the time to create it myself. This past summer, I took a nosedive into crowdfunding (once again!), to make it a reality. In the last three months, I've worked nonstop on the massive project of essential oil doom. To start it all, I worked with the Modern Soapmaking … [Read more...]