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Are you desperately holding hope while hustling your heart out?

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It's not just wearing all the hats of being a biz owner. Beyond the biz, your family, friends, and day-to-day tasks pile up and it can feel like you are being pulled in a million different directions. (You have to make dinner AGAIN? But you just did it yesterday!)

As a small biz owner, you’re stretched pretty thin and burnout is always looming around the corner. Rockstar, it's time to live the small biz life you dreamed of - we can help.

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  • Stop hustling dangerously close to burnout and enjoy the freedom and fun that owning your own biz brings
  • Eliminate the harmful idea that you have to be a doormat to everyone else and set boundaries that honor your goals
  • End the same ol', same ol' that says you've gotta hustle your heart out for success and create ease in your biz (and your personal life

Join Kenna and learn how to create sustainable success that will help you move through every twist and turn of biz ownership.

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Here’s the thing: you don’t know what you don’t know.

When we talk to new biz owners, they all say that they need help with similar things: pricing, marketing, and sales.

And sure, that stuff is important! (And we can help you with all of that.)

But a lot of biz owners are missing something even more foundational.

Something that they don’t even know they’re lacking. And we're going to unlock the secret during this free mini-series.

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"Much of Modern Soapmaking's resources, teaching, and help are just so applicable across the board whether you are just starting out or need to up your game to be profitable and sustainable." - Cynthia H

"My shop just had the highest sales ever. I’m branching out from my bath and body biz, but this success is basically all because Kenna taught me so much about the actual business side of things." - Melissa B

"After soaking up all the resources, I got some shit put in place and undid a lot of things I did wrong from the beginning. I surpassed my previous year's revenue by May and by the end of the year, I more than tripled my annual sales." - Missy R

Hey, hey, rockstar. I'm Kenna and I'm the founder of Modern Soapmaking.

I've been around the soap block, literally and figuratively.

I started making soap in 2004. Some say that one of my superpowers is distilling soapmaking chemistry down to plain English.

I've owned and operated two profitable soap companies: Amathia Soapworks and Gratitude Soapery. In 2013, I launched Modern Soapmaking to help other soapmakers see the same success.

I've spoken at dozens of industry conferences, events, and workshops and have taught thousands of soapmakers how to make the best damn soap ever (and how to make bank selling it).

And now I've built a team of badass soap biz owners who add more experience and hands on deck so we can help you do the same.

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