Turn your expensive soapmaking hobby into a profitable and successful soap business.

Go from Soapmaker to Moneymaker with our eight-week program where you’ll build
that soap biz you’ve been dreaming of with hands-on support and guidance. You’ll know exactly where
to start and what to do from someone who’s been there and done that.

Have you ever thought to yourself...

“If only I could help support my family doing what I love – making awesome soap – I could quit my day job.”

“I’m TIRED of working so hard without anything to show for it. What the hell am I doing wrong?”  

“Maybe my friends and family were wrong to encourage me…no matter what I do, I can’t get people to buy!”

You can have the biz of your dreams, rockstar.

Like the hundreds of soapmakers I’ve worked with who started their own businesses, you want to share the handcrafted goodness, put food on your table, and build a life where you call the shots and make your own schedule.

Most soapmakers start their businesses off on the wrong foot: making costly mistakes, wasting time and money, and fumbling around until one day, years in the future, they either figure it out or call it quits. 

That’s not what I want for you.

That is exactly why I created Soapmaker to Moneymaker.

Inside Soapmaker to Moneymaker, you’ll find everything you need to know to get your successful soap biz off the ground.

Learn through pre-recorded video lessons that you can watch on your own time. Snag access to over a hundred resources and downloads to level up your learning experience.

Join in on the guided discussions to put the program into practice. Get supported throughout your journey by fellow students as well as Kenna and the Modern Soapmaking team with our interactive Support Group.

And get instant access to it all now: as soon as you register, you can get started.

Here's what life is like
when you join us and go from
Soapmaker to Moneymaker...

You have the step by step process to turn your passion into profit and FINALLY getting your soap business off the ground. 

You know exactly what to do, how to do it, and have a plan to get it all done. 

You have a strong business foundation that will ensure you’ll never be stumped by business basics. 

You know how to efficiently create your products, price them for profit, and sell them to people who will be head over heels for them. 

You make money every time you sell a bar of soap. No more scraping by or losing your ass.

You know where to sell your products using modern marketing methods that actually work for you, not against you.

Stop fumbling around, hoping for the best.

I’m not lying when I say that starting a business – no matter what kind it is – is freakin’ hard. It can be expensive, overwhelming, and the most stressful time of your life. I know from experience.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

I created Soapmaker to Moneymaker to give you a road map so that you can build the soap company of your dreams. Every step of the way, you’ll have the knowlege, tools, resources, and support to make it work.

Every week, we’ll talk over the basics of business to give you a strong foundation. You’ll have specific action items to tackle and extensive guidance every step of the way.

And it won’t be from some rando on a forum who probably has twelve cents in their bank account.

Don't believe me when I say
You + Me = A Soap Biz Building Superstar Team?

When we asked previous students whether they would recommend
Soapmaker to Moneymaker, the answer was a resounding yes!

Here’s what they want you to know:  

Is Soapmaker to Moneymaker
right for you?

Does this sound like you?

Here’s who is most successful with S2M:

Here's exactly what you'll learn in
Soapmaker to Moneymaker:

Module 00

The Biggest Step You Can Take

Before you can start a soap business of your very own, you need to get crystal clear with your how and why. In this module, you’ll:

Set yourself up for success by knowing exactly why you are the perfect person to start your business. 

Take stock in what propels you forward and holds you back so that you can plan the perfect counterattack.

Evaluate what starting a soap business really means for you, your family, and your future, so you can build a business you love.

Tackle the reality before you daydream your plans away and move forward with solid footing.

Module 01

Setting Up For Success... Legally*

When you get started building a business, all the legalspeak can get overwhelming, but we break it down in plain English. In this module, you’ll

Navigate choosing your business name and protecting it from thievery and copycats.

Get your business registered as well as lock down any necessary permits, filings, and other government nonsense.

Learn how to protect your business from damages, lost product, and unfortunate events with the proper kinds of insurance.

Master the laws and regulations that tell you what you and can’t do with your products, labeling, and marketing.

*Regulatory information provided is for U.S. based businesses.

Module 02

Money Talks

To own a successful soap business, you’ve gotta make money and not just cover your costs. In this module, you’ll:

Get crystal clear about your financial needs and goals, so your business can make it rain. 

Setup a realistic and viable budget that helps you build your business without throwing money down the drain.

Get bookkeeping savvy to keep tabs on where all your money goes and where it comes from.

Set realistic and viable pricing that makes sure you’ve got a healthy bottom line to rely on.

Module 03

Brand Me, Baby

Without badass branding, your products will end up just another commodity being tossed around in the market. In this module, you’ll:

Laser focus on your niche and know what sets your products apart from the umpteen million other soapmakers on the block. 

Pinpoint your target market with such precision your customers will think you can read minds.

Establish a love affair with language that will make your products go from, “Oh, that’s cute.” to “Oh, snap, I need that.

Bring the branding full circle in every single move you make so your tribe just can’t resist getting your goodies in their hands.

Module 04

Product Line Shine

Successful businesses serve up exactly what their people want and need. Your business ain’t going to be any different, darling. In this module, you’ll:

Research the landscape to figure out where your customers are being under served or ignored. 

Plan a cohesive product line-up that has your followers wanting everything you make.

Highlight what makes your offerings stand out from the crowd rather than blend right in.

Describe you products in a way that keeps people clicking “add to cart” and coming back for more.

Module 05

Quick Easy and Profitable Soapmaking

One of the biggest downfalls of soapmakers in business is their love affair with the craft. But a business needs to streamline! In this module, you’ll:

Make quick work of soapmaking to keep your time and energy focused on boosting your biz to the next level.

Scale it up and tackle big batch soapmaking like a pro, even on a budget.

Learn how to forecast sales and properly plan production so you’ll never run out of fan favorites. 

Find ways to keep your creativity in the game so you don’t burn out and hate your passion.

Module 06

Money Making Methods

All the setup in the world won’t put money in the bank, so it’s time to start cashing in on your hard work. In this module, you’ll:

Decide on the right ways to sell your product, so you can rely on bringing in the cash. 

Tackle and setup the revenue streams that will work for your business, not someone else’s.

Size up the different ways you can market your products so you can narrow your focus on the right ones for you.

Create a marketing master plan to help you navigate the months of biz-building ahead.

How's that for a biz-building road map like you've never seen?

Sound like a lot?
With our guidance and support, this is the easiest, fastest, and fail-safe way to turn your passion into a profitable business.

Don't just take it from us:

Put Your Business on Blast

($297 value)

Take everything you learn in Soapmaker to Moneymaker and build out your launch with Kenna in your pocket. This bonus workshop is exclusive to students who say YES to investing in their future without hesitation, and it will pay off tenfold!

Join Kenna live for Put Your Business on Blast, a launch plan workshop in September and get personalized guidance and advice in taking your business to market. This workshop alone will help you make back your investment in Soapmaker to Moneymaker and kick start your journey on the path to success.

This bonus expires in:
The Put Your Business on Blast bonus has expired, but we'd still love to have you in class!

Early Registration Discount

($100 value)

We know that building a biz is expensive – from the cost of supplies to getting legal, there’s a lot going on!

(Remember, we know because we have the experience? That’s why we teach this class!)

Graduates of Soapmaker to Moneymaker start their businesses with lower risk, make more educated financial decisions, save thousands of wasted hours on bad ideas and poor advice, and shorten their learning curve by years.

Even though, that’s a ridiculous value in itself, we want to reward you with $100 extra savings. We much prefer students like you, who are motivated action-takers who know we can help them do it for less by investing in their future with Soapmaker to Moneymaker.

This bonus expires in:
The early registration discount has expired,
but it's not too late to grab your seat.

Here's what to expect in
Soapmaker to Moneymaker:

Support Group

Graduates report higher success rates when they leaned on our convenient Support Group hosted on Facebook. Work through your homework and discuss the class with your fellow students.

Streaming Videos

All the video lessons are available in an easy to use online dashboard, ready for your consumption whenever you want. Even if it's 2 am and you're in your PJ's with a glass of wine in hand.

Digital Worksheets

Every module is accompanied by digital and printable worksheets to help put the info to work. Print them out and go old school, or use your favorite PDF program to fill them out.


Every week, you'll receive reminder emails to keep you on track and help you know exactly what to do to get your biz-building superpowers on. We don't do slacking around here.

Tried & True Tools

From suppliers to websites to mailing lists, we're handing you our personal recommendations to make quick work of building a biz. No more second guessing what will work for you and your biz.

Who am I to tell you what works?

Oh so many years ago, I dug in to start my own soap business so I could stay home with my two kidlets and break free from relying on someone else for a paycheck.

Even though I knew better, I left my core philosophy (research, plan, test, market) in the dust! 

I did what most folks do – try this, try that. 

A little website design here, a little craft show there. 

A whole lot of making soap and a bit of random marketing everywhere I could.

 In the end, I figured it out…

I worked my tail off to get my production processes as efficient as possible. I massaged the heck out of my branding and pricing.  

Eventually, I started smashing sales goals and learned a heck of a lot about running a soap business profitably.

And then I called it quits…

To start my second company, Gratitude Soapery, and do it right from the start.  

Since then, I’ve coached hundreds of soapmakers through starting a biz of their very own, too. 

(And I sold Gratitude Soapery so it could live on as someone else’s dream.)

I gotta say, it’s so much easier when you know exactly what’s next on the list and exactly what NOT to do.

Still not sure if Soapmaker to Moneymaker is right for you?

We asked our students what they would tell you right now if they had the chance, here’s what they had to say:

I would tell them that the content is awesome, and that it leaves no stone unturned. (Because that’s basically true). I would also tell them that they don’t know what they don’t know. I would tell them that S2M is hard work, and although it gives you a lot of information, the real gold is actually doing the work and doing your own research to understand what is needed. It’s not a spoon fed course, it’s really important that you “do the work”. It’s essentially a springboard to a successful soap business.” – Luisa

Do not hesitate and worth every cent plus!!” – Kim

Do it. Especially if you’re just starting out – you’ll avoid costly mistakes.” – Sarah

DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!” – Natalie

Don’t take it from us, but it sounds like you should take a deep breath and click this button to join us this semester! 😘

Start your soap business off on the right foot
with a smart business decision!


Soapmaker to Moneymaker Lifetime Access
$ 697
  • Lifetime Access
  • 8 Week Program
  • Recorded Q+A calls for each module
  • Support Group (on Facebook)​
  • 60+ Video Lessons
  • 30+ Guided Discussions
  • 100+ Recs, Tools, & Downloads


Soapmaker to Moneymaker Lifetime Access
& One Hour Personal Coaching with Kenna
$ 997
  • Lifetime Access
  • 8 Week Program
  • Recorded Q+A calls for each module
  • Support Group (on Facebook)
  • 60+ Video Lessons
  • 30+ Guided Discussions
  • 100+ Recs, Tools, & Downloads
  • One Hour Personal Coaching

Hold up! I got questions...

And I’ve got answers, superstar. Let’s tackle them right now:  

Soapmaker to Moneymaker is an on-demand program that you can start any time you want.

When you enroll, we'll send weekly email updates and reminders to help you stay on track. (So, make sure to keep tabs on your email!)

Each module will contain multiple video lessons and worksheets. We recommend setting aside about five to ten hours a week during this eight week program.

As long as you want! Every student in Soapmaker to Moneymaker lands lifetime access to the program, so you are welcome to revisit the content or rework certain modules as you wish.

Yes, there sure is! You can choose a couple of different options at checkout:

- Choose Sezzle to snag 4 interest-free payments through their service.
- Choose PayPal and apply for PayPal Credit or Bill Me Later to snag a payment plan.

**PayPal Credit and Bill Me Later are features and plans facilitated by PayPal for U.S. residents. We have no liability, control or authority over them.

Well, obviously, I can't guarantee that it will! The fact of the matter is that owning a successful soap business takes time and a lot of hard work. My goal with Soapmaker to Moneymaker is to give you the information, tools, and support to make the process of starting a soap business as easy as possible. What happens after that is completely up to you, but I have faith in you, superstar.

I'm all about helping you build the business you want, and not the business other people think you should have. If your version of success is supplementing your family's income on the side, then let's get you there. If your dream is a soapy empire that sprawls the globe, Soapmaker to Moneymaker will give you the business foundation you need to see it through. No matter what your end game is, I'm here to help you see it through.

Soapmaker to Moneymaker is meant for soapmakers who haven't started a soap business yet or are in the beginning phases. We really set the tone for business success by starting fresh.

If you are a couple years into your business and have realized that you need to get back to basics, then Soapmaker to Moneymaker will give you a "do over" and help you get there.

But if you just need to make a few tweaks, this program is the wrong jam for you. The Next Level Tribe might be more your speed.

Heck yes, it will. Soapmaker to Moneymaker focuses on starting a business making soap, cosmetics, and home fragrance products. We don't generically teach "makers" or "creatives" or other nonsense you've seen. We like our tribe and stick to it. So, if you make jewelry or t-shirts or bumper stickers, this program isn't for you.

No, sorry. Soapmaker to Moneymaker focuses on teaching you how to start a business, not how to make soap. We expect that you know how to make the products you want to sell, but if you don't, we'd be happy to direct you to resources to learn. We do, however, tackle how to scale your production from itty bitty batches that lose money to big time batches of product that cut down on labor costs.

If you don't need help navigating the rules and regulations in your country, then yes, everything else will help you get setup for success. Chances are we can direct you to resources specific to your country, but we can't guarantee it. Obviously, the module on registering your business, getting insurance, and following regulations won't apply to you. We are also unable to ship the graduation gift boxes to international addresses due to customs and import laws. Some countries, such as Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and China, do have access restrictions to our video hosting platform, Vimeo. If this is a concern for you, please get in touch with us. 

While our Support Group is currently hosted on Facebook because it is convenient for most students, we understand that it doesn't work for everyone. (In fact, we used to host it off Facebook but it was even less popular!) Using Facebook allows us to use native features like Facebook Live and Messenger Rooms to further provide interactive support. If you aren't on Facebook, you are welcome to email us for technical support at any time and complete the homework assignments offline. Skipping out on Facebook doesn't limit your ability to complete the program in any way!

Every student in Soapmaker to Moneymaker needs their own login, access to materials, way to submit homework, line on check-in calls, etc., so yes, you will each need to register. However, we do make special arrangements for multiple students joining us from singular companies, please get in touch with us at support@modernsoapmaking.com!

I wish I could, but that's not how this works. That's not how any of this works.

That's not a question! But if you do have more questions, shoot us an email at support@modernsoapmaking.com and we'll answer it up straight away.