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Want to get your hands on some Modern Soapmakinge exclusive goodies?

Every once in a while, we have physical goods to share with you, like books, notepads, tote bags, t-shirts, mugs, stickers, and more. If you saw someone repping us on social media with sweet swag they got in the mail, this is where you’ll find it. Most products are limited edition and exclusive to Modern Soapmaking, so don’t miss out. Remember, Next Level Tribe members get 25% off!

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next level tribe

next level tribe

Wish you had a bit of a small business support system? Need a little help here, and a little help there, but not the whole shebang?

The Next Level Tribe is jam-packed with exclusive trainings, coaching calls, worksheets, guides, blueprints, templates, and systems to prevent you from banging your head against the wall without a nice fluffy cushion to fall back on. Every month, we host a group coaching call so you can get your questions answered. Every day, you can get personal help right in our exclusive members-only Facebook group. Every part of the Next Level Tribe was created to make your life as a small business owner a little easier, a little faster, and a whole lot less stressful.

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brand magic

brand magic

Having trouble building a stable and loyal customer base? Can’t seem to get customers to pay the prices you know your products are worth? Think you have your branding wrapped up with a pretty logo?

Brand Magic is full of bite-sized easy to digest lessons to help you make sense out of branding, build a company that stands out from the crowd, and transform customers into fanatics who won’t bat a single eyelash at your prices.

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pricing for profit

pricing handmade soap and cosmetics for profit

Are you tired of guessing what your prices should be? Did you know you have more than just your costs to consider? Are you desperately needing guidance on how to make your business dreams a reality with the profit to match?

Pricing Handmade Soap and Cosmetics for Profit will take you from “Uhhh, five dollars… I think…” to “Yup, that’s my price, and I’m happily stickin’ to it.” Start pricing your products effectively, sustainably, and with stability today – not tomorrow, and certainly not eventually when you’re dead broke.

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pricing for profit

efficiency in scaling

Still making soap in teensy tiny two or three-pound batches? Starting to hear your customers crack the whip because you can’t keep their favorites in stock? Or did you realize you gotta slim down your time hovering over the soap pot so you can actually run a biz?

Efficiency in Scaling is everything you need to know to start making soap like a biz owner, not a hobbyist. Take it from someone who has gone from ten bar batches of soap to thousands of bars in a single day, the most critical component of putting on the biz owner’s hat is putting down the stick blender and working smarter (not harder).

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soapmaker 3 software

soapmaker 3 software

Dreading the annual inventory count? Not sure what you have and what you don’t? Making bad biz decisions because you are floating along without a clue?

Soapmaker 3 is my favorite piece of software for formulating, tracking inventory, and keeping tabs on production. You can’t stay on track if you are flying by the seat of your pants. Drop the once-a-year inventory act and get focused so your biz can move in the right direction.

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