Are you ready to start growing your biz, hitting your goals, and stacking bills in your bank accounts?

Yes, bank accountssss (plural), because it's time to pay yourself what you are worth!

We can help you turn your beautiful soap biz into a profitable powerhouse...

With support from a community that knows exactly how it feels and has been there, done that while snagging access to a library of resources, tools, and workshops to help you conquer your latest biz challenges.

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Ditch the lengthy Google searches that turn up sixteen different answers and no reasoning.

Stop asking random soapmakers in a FB group who really have raging dumpster fires happening behind the scenes.

Skip seeking out the latest "pro" to dish out their regurgitated advice with no connection to your biz.

Get all the help you need right at your fingertips with Next Level Society.

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Need a new system for organizing batch records? Grab editable GMP templates to get your production in order.

Wondering if you are ready to wholesale? Use our checklist to understand everything you need, and then grab all our editable templates and resources to put together your linesheet, terms, and pitch kit.

Can't find the answer to a tough question? Tag in the community and get the help you need in our Facebook group or online forum. Everyone here knows exactly what they are talking about.

That's the Next Level membership in a nutshell: over 70 downloadable worksheets and templates, live video classes, and Q&A sessions, and constant support from our community (and us!)

You have a million questions when it comes to running your soap business... and we have the answers!

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Here's what is waiting for you behind the doors of Next Level Society...

Immediately, you'll gain access to all membership features. No waiting!


Find over 70 downloadable templates, guides, and resources on every topic you could possibly need running your soap biz. Whether you need help with branding, finances, regulations, marketing, social media, website design, photography, revenue streams, or even manufacturing, it's all here.
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Join us for live workshops and events from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. What will you learn? Whatever you want! We plan our workshops based on member requests, questions, and needs that come up in our community. Can't make it live? Catch our archive of recordings (two years worth and counting!)
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Our members-only Facebook group is always hopping with discussions from our members around a variety of topics. Ask your questions and get advice from other experienced business owners and the Modern Soapmaking team. Not interested in Facebook? Get support through the online discussion forum on our website.
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Building a profitable, sustainable, and successful soap biz is hard...

We're not going to lie to you and pretend it's easy. If it was, everyone would be doing it.

You are not meant to work a 9-5 forever if you feel overwhelmed or confused running your biz. You are not a failure if you don't have six figures in your bank account.

You just need help...

But that's why we're here: to use our experience with building successful soap companies from the ground up, so we can help you build yours.

Without the stress and confusion going solo.

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Hey there, Rockstar!

I don't think we've met. I'm Kenna.

Let's turn your soapy passion into cash in your pocket.

I started making soap in 2004 and spent years perfecting my techniques, formulas, and knowledge. Some say that one of my superpowers is distilling soapmaking chemistry down to plain English.

I’ve owned and operated two successful soap companies: Amathia Soapworks and Gratitude Soapery. In 2018, I sold Gratitude Soapery so I could put 100% of my focus on helping you have the same success.

When it comes to being a badass soap biz owner, you could say, I’ve been there, done that, and have the damn t-shirt.

Let's get you one, too.

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Wouldn't smashing revenue goals and record-breaking biz growth look good on you, too?

We think so.

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In Next Level Society, you aren't just another mindless number and faceless user, lurking behind the scenes.

You are a member of a thriving community of ambitious, creative, and talented soapmakers, who make money moves and command audiences around the world. Our members have been featured in magazines, high profile social media accounts, newspapers, TV shows, and news broadcasts.

And we were all there to cheer them on, push them to go further,
and accomplish their goals.

We can't wait for you to be one of those members, too.




($297 value)

Courage to Conquer is a six-week self-study program that is now exclusively available for Next Level members.

Are you running a business or spinning your wheels?

If you don't know how much money you make, what products boost your bottom line, or how to run the business side of your business, we created this program for you.

Join us for six weeks of learning  how to track and analyze the data that will empower you to make smart business choices in the new year (and more years to come!)

Has your business become your entire life? Take it back as you learn the create that elusive life/work balance, prioritize your efforts, and put meaningful action first.

Uncover your unique plan for taking your biz to the next level next year.​

We'll help you get a pulse on your biz, round up your goals, and get your personalized action plan in place to kick ass and take names all year long.

It's time to stop running around like a chicken with its head cut off and start making big wins in your soap biz.

Take the program anytime, but we recommend revisiting it every January.

"After Courage to Conquer, we had a better handle on our expenses and cost of goods sold. We made clear goals and have followed through with most of them. We've already sold more than all of last year and we still have the biggest sales of the year coming up. If you are on the fence, go for it. You will have a better idea of how your company and individual products are doing and focus your efforts over the next year."

- Kyla M.


  • Set new sales records
  • Bring in more profit
  • Actually pay yourself
  • Skip the overwhelm
  • Get laser-focused
  • Run your biz like the badass you are

Of course, you are, rockstar.

With a little Courage to Conquer in your back pocket, you won't be stressing, trying to figure it all out on your own.​

"This stuff works!!!!  I have had a 250% increase in revenue from 2018 to 2019.  The hype we began to see last year as we worked our way through branding and Courage to Conquer morphed into traction. To see 2019 Q1 pulling in with a 250% increase is simply amazing!!  And that is not all!  I just deployed phase one of my marketing strategy for 2019 two weeks ago.  I acquired four new wholesale accounts yesterday alone!!"

- Christina C.





($47 value)

Pricing for Profit is a 70+ page independent-study guide on pricing that is now exclusively available for Next Level members.

Cost x 2 = Wholesale x 2 = Retail = Profit, right?
Wrong! Sorry to burst your bubble, but that's not how pricing works.

Long-term, sustainable pricing is the backbone of a successful soap company. And when you try to match other soapmakers, you get exactly where they are: nowhere.

With this guide and workbook in one, you'll learn exactly how to price for profit based on your unique business, brand, and customer.

And, you won't panic every time you see a price hike in raw materials (because you've planned for that).

Plus, you'll learn how to handle pricing objections from customers (like “I could make that!”) and from yourself (yes, I’m talking to your inner fear monster).

Learn to stop selling yourself short with Pricing for Profit.

"By far my favourite how to price your soap ebook I’ve read! With Kenna’s personality, passion and enthusiasm + her experience, reading and understanding this ebook was a breeze (and fun actually). I seriously recommend this one for all soapy businesses that are unsure on their pricing structure, or those just starting out. Kenna also gives you a pep talk on how amazing you and your skills are and that you must not undervalue your work. I thought this ebook was positive, informative, and made me want to take action."

- Victoria


Are you tired of guessing what your prices should be? 

Did you know you have more than just your costs to consider? 

Are you desperately needing guidance on how to make your business dreams a reality with the profit to match?

Pricing for Profit will take you from “Uhhh, five dollars… I think…” to “Yup, that’s my price, and I’m happily stickin’ to it.” Start pricing your products effectively, sustainably, and with stability today – not tomorrow, and certainly not eventually when you’re dead broke.




($47 value)

Over 45 pages of detailed information about branding your handmade soap, bath and body, cosmetics, and skincare business – whether you are just starting out or are looking to build a better brand. Now exclusively available for Next Level members.

Do you wish your products had their own cheering section?
That's what this workbook will do for you.

Is your target market women ages 20-60 who like natural products? Step back! (Because that's every hobby soap company's target market, hun.)

Chances are you aren't making (enough) sales. And that's because buyers don't understand what your products will do for them or why they should care about your brand.

And until they do, your marketing efforts will keep failing.

The good news is that Brand Magic will help you get crystal clear on who you serve, why they should buy from you, and exactly what message will get them to do that...again and again.

Brand Magic is hugely focused on taking action instead of reading a million pages of drivel and includes tons of nifty worksheets and recommendations for designers, DIY resources, and further reading. 

"I love this workbook! Brand Magic caused me to stretch a bit and think really hard and deep about “who” I wanted my brand to be. It caused me to look at branding entirely different than what I have been accustomed to. If you are wanting to really take branding to another level, get this workbook. You will not regret it! Kenna, thank you for putting so much valuable and thought-provoking information into this workbook!"

- Amber

"It is a lot of difficult work – Kenna really makes you think deeply and in great detail about your brand and target market. When I was about 2/3rds of the way through the book, I reached out to a company that does branding, graphics, and web design & development. I showed them the work that I had done from BRAND MAGIC and that work saved me $1,200 worth of their work and time! Am I glad I bought this book? Should you get this book? Is it worth it? Absolutely, positively, unequivocally yes!"

- Gwendolyn


  • a new way to look at branding that won’t confuse the crap out of you
  • an easy way to evaluate how your brand is sitting pretty (or not…)
  • understanding the true power of the words you choose to talk about your company
  • building a brand personality that customers can relate and connect with
  • telling the true stories behind what makes you & your brand unique
  • identifying that special spark that makes your products a step above the rest
  • developing guiding values that make business decisions a no brainer
  • finding your target market without relying 100% on your imagination
  • crafting your brand beyond your logo, colors, and typography for a true experience
  • compiling your brand into a visual masterpiece to carry all your hard work forward



($27 value)

Efficiency in Scaling is the first how-to guide on how to increase production size and start masterbatching, and it's exclusively available for Next Level members.

Still making soap in teensy tiny two or three-pound batches?

Starting to hear your customers crack the whip because you can’t keep their favorites in stock? Or did you realize you gotta slim down your time hovering over the soap pot so you can actually run a biz?

Efficiency in Scaling is everything you need to know to start making soap like a biz owner, not a hobbyist. Take it from someone who has gone from ten bar batches of soap to thousands of bars in a single day, the most critical component of putting on the biz owner’s hat is putting down the stick blender and working smarter (not harder).

This is the original resource to be published for the soapmaking community that doesn’t just tell you how to masterbatch, but what issues might occur when scaling, what safety practices you should be using, and so much more.

Efficiency in Scaling is the book that started it all - that's right it's the first guide Kenna ever published.


"This book is amazing! There is so much useful information contained inside that makes it worth more than the reasonable price tag. With the help of this book I have successfully been able to masterbatch my soaping oils allowing me to be much more productive. I haven’t tried masterbatching my lye yet but when I feel ready this book will lead me through that as well. Thanks for such a wonderful ebook!"

- Jenn

We know this membership is a game-changer for soap business owners. But you don't have to take it from us...


"Love everything I’m learning (...) Overall,  very easy to follow instructions. Thank you Kenna for sharing your experiences with us."


"I just want to say that if there ever is a University for Soapmaking Entrepreneurs, it’s right here on this website. And Keena will make us graduate with PhDs!"


"Great content, I have found everything very helpful as I plan my business. I’m taking it slowly and learning as much as possible before I jump in and appreciate all the info."




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Next Level Membership includes:

  • Live Workshops & Group Coaching
  • All Previously Recorded Workshops 
  • Library of 70+ Resources 
  • Experienced Support Community 

Plus, get these bonuses:

  • Courage to Conquer ($297 value)
  • Pricing for Profit Guide ($47 Value)
  • Brand Magic Workbook ($47 value)
  • Efficiency in Scaling eBook ($27 value)

Made up value? No way! All the bonuses are sold at listed prices when available! Boom.


$97 / month

Cancel anytime, take what you need, leave what you don't.

Registration is Currently Closed


Karen M

"I have been a member of the Next Level Tribe with Modern Soapmaking for about a year now. The content is so intuitive, knowing precisely what Beauty Business owners need even when we didn't quite know we needed it lol. Tons of resources, articles, templates I devoured the information. (...)

I can't speak highly enough of the team Kendra and Stephanie have been awesome with answering my questions and super responsive.

The most amazing part of Modern Soapmaking is that they use their voice to challenge the status quo as it relates to race in America. As a black woman over 50, I am encouraged that I am seen and appreciated here and that Modern Soapmaking champion causes that will affect change!

So if you are thinking about investing in your biz, do it! It will be money well spent!"



Missy R

"Next Level has completely changed my business life! When I signed up, I was already in business for about 2 years and I truly wasn't even keeping the lights on financially. I hadn't even paid myself a penny yet - I figured it was all normal in a new business (so, so not true). The worst part? I didn't even know I wasn't keeping the lights on until I joined Next Level.

I knew how to make soap - but I didn't know how to run a business, so I joined Next Level. After soaking up all the resources, I got some shit put in place and undid a lot of things I did wrong from the beginning. I also raised. those. prices. while holding my head high bursting with confidence and the knowledge of my worth.

What happened? I surpassed my previous year's revenue by May and by the end of the year, I more than tripled my annual sales. AND - I was paying myself all along the way. Even with that success, I know that I can do even better and have decided to start completely over with a new brand - this time, doing it right from the beginning. I am SO excited to put everything I've learned (and continue to learn) into my new brand and watch it grow.

What I love about Next Level is that it's not just access to information on a site (though that's hugely valuable). Every month, Kenna and her team bring the knowledge, the tough love, and advice with live workshops and training. They're also active in the exclusive Facebook group. Modern Soapmaking helps me make boss moves! My mindset has shifted from a hobbyist to a business owner - and I'm making money all along the way."



We know that life happens.

We make it easy for you to sign up, renew, modify, or cancel your subscription at any time. No lockout periods. No advanced notice. No crazy business hours. Make changes with the click of a button 24/7 without ever talking to a pushy sales rep.


“I went from feeling inadequate to

Placeholder Image

My first encounter with your materials left me feeling so inadequate. Once I got over that feeling that my business was nothing more than a hobby, I invested in your materials and started working my way through it all. I went from feeling inadequate to empowered. I still have a long way to go. My product varieties need to be paired down, my price needs to go up again. It will all happen in time. I have so much work ahead of me with my website, newsletter, FB ads, and learning Instagram. But, I can absolutely see the measurable difference now. The response I am getting in the market place is just so affirming.

Your candid sharing of mental health and anxiety issues has been a great help to me. While I don’t share your diagnosis per se, I had some emotional challenges to overcome in birthing our brand and developing my business. Your courage to be comfortable in your own skin empowered me to be courageous in my own sphere. So really, this has been not just your help in creating a better business. It has been a central part of healing and self-discovery. Thanks a million.

Bright Hope Soapworks

“...opened my eyes to possibilities I had never
considered before.”


As you know starting a soap biz right means having ten plates in the air at all times. It’s not a linear process. I can’t work on one thing today, finish it, and move to the next because they are all intertwined. This means that this morning I have reworked a formula on soap calc and now I am working on my logo but this afternoon I will be writing a personal note to the lovely lady who wrote and invited me to join the Chamber of Commerce followed by researching whether Xero or Quick Books would be the best accounting software for me. The library in Next Level allows me to go back and forth and sideways to learn about whatever my need is in the moment.

I love that the Next Level has opened my eyes to possibilities I had never considered before. Wholesale for example. The learning curve on that would be deep and wide for me to see the possibilities on my own. I now think it may be one of my main focuses. I had already decided I was not one to sit in the cold, the heat, the wind, and the rain to try to hawk soap at the farmer’s market! It may have been years in before I decided to tackle wholesale if it hadn’t been for the Next Level. So THANKS!

Wild Hare Soap



Next Level Society (Monthly)

$97 per month

Pay as you go with a monthly membership. Cancel anytime.

Next Level Membership includes:

  • Live Workshops & Group Coaching ($300 value)
  • All Previously Recorded Workshops ($2000 value)
  • Library of 70+ Resources ($1400 value)
  • Experienced Support Community (Priceless)

Plus, get these bonuses:

  • Courage to Conquer ($297 value)
  • Pricing for Profit Guide ($47 Value)
  • Brand Magic Workbook ($47 value)
  • Efficiency in Scaling eBook ($27 value)
Registration is Currently Closed

Next Level Society (Annual)

$970 per year

Get two months free when signing up for annual membership.

Next Level Membership includes:

  • Live Workshops & Group Coaching ($300 value)
  • All Previously Recorded Workshops ($2000 value)
  • Library of 70+ Resources ($1400 value)
  • Experienced Support Community (Priceless)

Plus, get these bonuses:

  • Courage to Conquer ($297 value)
  • Pricing for Profit Guide ($47 Value)
  • Brand Magic Workbook ($47 value)
  • Efficiency in Scaling eBook ($27 value)
Registration is Currently Closed

Next Level Society (Close the Gap for BIWOC)

$1 month trial, $97 per month after

Exclusive pricing for Black women, Indigenous women, and women from other marginalized communities.

In accordance with our Anti-Racism Pledge, our Close the Gap funding options are available. Please use our normal payment options above if you are not part of these marginalized groups of women. Non-compliance will force us to ask BIWOC to contact us for this funding option, and that's not fair to a community of women who already have extra barriers to overcome. Don't be a Karen.

Next Level Membership includes:

  • Live Workshops & Group Coaching ($300 value)
  • All Previously Recorded Workshops ($2000 value)
  • Library of 70+ Resources ($1400 value)
  • Experienced Support Community (Priceless)

Plus, get these bonuses:

  • Courage to Conquer ($297 value)
  • Pricing for Profit Guide ($47 Value)
  • Brand Magic Workbook ($47 value)
  • Efficiency in Scaling eBook ($27 value)
Registration is Currently Closed

We have answers.

Hold on, let me get this straight. What all is included in Next Level Society membership?

Next Level includes a lot, so I get wanting an easy breakdown. Inside, you'll find a supportive community in our Facebook group and website, a library of downloadable content, an archive of recorded workshops, a calendar of upcoming live workshops, and the ability to schedule 1:1 consulting.

You'll also snag access to all the bonuses like our planning and data analytics program, Courage to Conquer, our branding workbook, Brand Magic, our pricing self study guide, Pricing for Profit, and our ebook about masterbatching and scaling production, Scaling in Efficiency.

I want to make sure I can attend live workshops. When are they?

Currently, workshops and events get scheduled for Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at various starting times. Co-working sessions usually happen during the day while workshops typically happen in the evening. We schedule events in the US Central timezone.

What topics are covered in live workshops? I don't want to waste my time with info I already have.

Anything and everything related to running a soap company! We poll the membership every quarter before we plan the topics so we can make sure we are helping as many members as possible!

I'm brokedy broke broke. What payment options are there?

We offer three standard payment options (Monthly, Annual, and Close the Gap) and there is no difference in what you get.

Monthly membership is the most affordable payment option, but it'll cost you the most in the long run. If money is tight, join us and then immediately hit up the recorded Marketing Mastery workshop were we teach you how to make fast revenue. Then upgrade to an Annual membership to get two months free!

Our Close the Gap option is for women of color ONLY and offers a $1 month trial. If you qualify, take advantage of the offer and hit those Marketing workshops to make that cash and keep your membership active.

Some members say they are lifetime members. What the hell is that?

Seasonally, we offer a limited number of Permanent Rockstar memberships for Next Level. For a one-time sign up fee, members are able to upgrade to a permanent membership and no renewal fees. Stay tuned for the next availability.

How much time do I need to spend to get results?

Individual results can vary, because every biz is different. You might need less help than the rockstar next to you, or you might need more. No shame! Tailor your experience to your needs and don't feel pressured to do everything!

What if I want to change my membership? Or find out that it's not for me?

We hate when companies only offer the ability to modify your membership through limited phone support during short business hours or other timezones. We won't do that to you!

You can login and modify your membership at any time with the click of button. Upgrade to annual, downgrade to monthly, or cancel your membership, even if it's 2 am.

We don't offer refunds, but we won't make you wait for a lockout period, a minimum membership length, or any other limit to when and if you decide to cancel your membership.

I'm not an American, and I know y'all are. Does that mean this isn't for me?

No way! We have members from all around the world and create content that helps everyone build a successful soap biz no matter where they live.

I can't stand profanity. I believe women should defer to men. I believe All Lives Matter. And I firmly believe that there are only two genders and marriage is between a man and a woman. Should I join?

No, ma'am. Lucky for you, we exist within an uptight patriarchal racist industry that offers you a ton of options that align with your views. We aren't it.

Why figure it all out for yourself when you can have all the answers right here? There's never been an easier and less stressful way to build a successful soap business.

Registration is Currently Closed
Judith Recommends Next Level Society
Judith Recommends Next Level Society
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