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Are you ready to make bank this holiday season...

without the hustle, late nights, and meltdown levels of stress?

If you missed our two-day intensive to create your success strategy this holiday season, this is your chance to get access to the recordings.

Get your hands on the Hustle-Free Holiday intensive recordings!
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Mother and her two kids enjoying time together, baking cookies
How about an enjoyable, memorable, AND profitable holiday season instead?

Yes, I really put all three of those in the same sentence!

Fourth Quarter is the place to be for sales and serious cash infusions - it's likely your most profitable time of year.

But it doesn't have to come with the high price of time and sanity: ridiculously long hours, giving up every weekend in November and December, and missing out on time with family and friends.

Let's be real, rockstar.

How many times did you actually get to cozy up with a mug of cocoa and a holiday movie last year?

Did you enjoy Thanksgiving with your family, or were you up late packaging soap for Black Friday and Small Biz Saturday?

It doesn't have to be this way. And our Hustle-Free Holiday Intensive will show you how.

Can you imagine...

  • Having your entire holiday marketing strategy mapped out and scheduled to go live before Halloween? With expert guidance to boot?
  • Having your promotions and products triple checked for profit and reality? That's right, no mid-December emergency batches at a loss.
  • Eating holiday treats and enjoying quality time with friends and family while just watching the sales roll in? Not labeling products until 2 am every night.

If any of this sounds impossible, I want you to know that it’s 100% doable. You can enjoy the holidays AND bring in that sweet cashflow at the same time.

That’s why we created Hustle-Free Holiday: to get you setup for strategy and support for a successful holiday season with less stress.
If you're ready to take control of your holidays,


No more last minute scrambling. No more hastily written emails sent at 3 am. Just a clear, thorough road map to follow through the ins and outs of Q4.

And you won't be doing it alone. You'll have us by your side to cheer you on and thrive (rather than survive) this holiday season.

Sounds great, right? But it's not a fantasy - it can be yours with the right training and planning.


Get access to the Hustle-Free Holiday recordings!

If you're ready to go from being burned out to being on top of your biz, but you need experts to guide the way...

We created Hustle-Free Holiday for you!

If you're asking...

"Is it really worth it?"

Here's what Hustle-Free Holiday attendee, Heather K. had to say:

"After owning my brick and mortar for almost 10 years now, I am not new to the holiday season rush. This is the first year I feel like I may actually be in control, instead of running headlong into chaos before I've even finished handing out Halloween candy.

I may even skip the traditional crying into the cranberry sauce at Thanksgiving because I'm not ready for the insanity, and the mid-December tradition of weekly restocks of the mini bottles of vodka in the shop freezer.

Not only do I have a roadmap for the holidays, I understand WHY the holiday season has tripped me up every year and HOW to combat it.

tl;dr - Totally worth it!"

Grab access to the Hustle-Free Holiday recordings right now to start watching.
So, what is Hustle-Free Holiday anyway?

Hustle-Free Holiday will guide you through creating and executing your entire fourth quarter marketing and launch plan. Score! Two full days of specialized workshops taught by experts in marketing, social media strategy, graphics creation, launch strategy, and more.

By the end of the intensive, you’ll…

  • Have a solid plan in place for all of your holiday marketing - Facebook, Instagram, and email.
  • Be ready to launch your holiday products and promotions with maximum impact - no more lackluster launches.
  • Have the know-how to create killer Facebook ads and engaging graphics.
  • Have the support that you need to get it all done.

No more struggling. No more worrying. No more wasting time.

Invest in your success and design your a stress-less holiday season. Here's how Hustle-Free Holiday breaks down...

Day One

Kick off the experience with  everything that you need to build out your marketing strategy for Q4.

Plus, if you know us, we keep our marketing strategy heart-centered and bro-marketing free... we won't be teaching you any slime-y sales tactics or strategies that feel gross.

On Day One, you'll find the following sessions:

  • Decolonizing Success with Alyssa Hall, leadership and anti-racism business coach
  • Making Sense of Marketing to Sell More! with Erika Tebbens, professional business strategist and speaker
  • How to Design Profitable Products and Promotions with Kenna Cote, founder of Modern Soapmaking
  • Instagram Marketing Made Fun with Amber LaShawn, founder and clarity coach of Brand Girl Magic
  • How to Create an Easy Email Strategy for the Holiday with Jackie Rodriguez, email copywriter and strategist

Day Two

Another full day of workshops to get your biz ready to unleash your marketing plan lays ahead!

We cover the nitty gritty of putting your marketing plan in place and setting up a system to keep you on track.

On Day Two, you’re going to learn:

  • Four Keys to Using Canva Without the Overwhelm with Brenda Cadman, website and Canva educator
  • Three Easy Facebook Ads to Boost Your Holiday Sales with Kenna Cote, founder of Modern Soapmaking
  • How to Transcend Stress, Overwhelm, and Burnout This Holiday Season with Rocio "Luz" Cadena, creator of Life o Leisure
  • Systematizing Your Marketing Using ClickUp with Simone Little, business growth and productivity strategist
Still on the fence?

Not sure if the recordings are going to live up to the live experience?

Hustle-Free Holiday attendees were raving about how much they learned, their favorite sessions, and how valuable the content was. And you missed it live! But that doesn't mean you have to miss out completely.

Karen said, "The intensive was jam packed with useful information that helped me as a new business owner not to feel so overwhelmed!"

Ylice said, "These recordings allows you to move through them at your own pace and review examples and strategies that best suit your needs!"

Deb said, "These have been so helpful! There is a lot to digest. :)"

We gathered the best experts in our network to teach exactly what you need to know to have a successful holiday season without the burnout.

Okay, they're right... I need access to the Hustle-Free Holiday recordings right now!
So, who are these experts anyway?

Brenda is passionate about helping business owners embrace online technology, and her aim is to help you feel like you’re not speaking a different language when it comes to the tools you need to grow your business… Canva, websites or otherwise!


Luz is the founder & writer behind Life of Leisure, a wellness movement for overwhelmed women looking to reclaim their time — and humanity — in the age of busyness, burnout + workism. 


Amber is the CEO of Brand Girl Magic, where she leads women on the journey of gaining clarity in their business ideas, so they can create content that leads to more sales.


Simone is the business productivity coach and strategist women CEOs need when they are scaling and restructuring their businesses. She is to helping her clients structure their businesses so that they can grow their revenue in half the time with none of the stress.

Jackie Rodriguez Headshot

Jackie is a professional copywriter who rejects predatory, psychologically-triggering sales tactics. Instead she approaches copywriting as a cohesive digital dialogue between you and your audience and produces content that will speak their language and create a thriving community.

Erika Tebbins Headshot

Erika is a business strategist and coach who has been running businesses for 17 years, and is ready to teach you how to do the same. Her business, Erika Tebbins Consulting, is focused on no-sleaze marketing plans that are based on YOU, not a cookie cutter formula.


Kenna is the founder and CEO of Modern Soapmaking. She has two run successful soap business, and has been there, done that, and gotten the damn t-shirt. Let's get you one too.


Alyssa is an African-American / Cuban woman and a business coach. With training at the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC), Alyssa coaches business owners on mindset, leadership, and anti-racism. 

Your investment includes:
Immediate Access to Recordings

Watch on your own time

Life is busy, we know it.

So if you missed Hustle-Free Holiday live, here's your chance to watch at 2 am in your pajamas with a glass of wine in hand or sit down and get started right away. Your choice!

Dismantling White Supremacy

Access to Decolonizing Success with Alyssa Hall

Hustle is toxic and a tool of systemic oppression, and we're not here for it.

The idea for Hustle-Free Holiday was born from the work Kenna did with Alyssa Hall to dismantle white supremacy within Modern Soapmaking and the soap & cosmetic industry. This session lays the groundwork for a successful holiday season no matter what and we consider it a pre-requisite!

No matter the color of your skin, this session will empower you to build success metrics that aren't rooted in white supremacy culture and give yourself permission to follow your unique & authentic journey toward success. And it comes with every single purchase.

Watch the recorded sessions of the Hustle-Free Holiday today!
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Pay in Full


one-time payment

Want the whole *jazz fingers* experience so you can plot out your holiday success?

You'll get two days of live training from experts at the top of their game, including every session mentioned below.

Get access to your Hustle-Free Holiday right now and pay in full.

Equitable Payment Plan

$167 per month

six month payment plan

The same access and experience with a smaller impact on your bottom line. Payment plans shouldn't cost you more, rockstar.

We know you'll have a stellar Q4 with us in your back pocket, so pay us with the results of what you learn.

Get access to your Hustle-Free Holiday right now and pay over six months.
Want the details of each session?
Here's what you can learn:

Making Sense of Marketing to Sell More!

Find out what marketing is and isn't, and see examples of high-quality marketing. Shift your thinking around marketing so that you can leverage your time and efforts for better results. Plus you’ll be given bonus resources that will help you close more sales with ease! 

Presented by Erika Tebbens

Instagram Marketing Made Fun

Social media is NOT the place to be humble - it's the place for you to take pride in your work. You’ll learn how to make marketing on Instagram fun for your business. We'll cover optimizing your page, leveraging features to promise your business, and how to build a community.

Presented by Amber LaShawn

How to Create an Easy Email Marketing Strategy

Jackie will take you through why email marketing is important for your business (even if it feels impossible!). She’ll provide you with four tips for creating an easy email strategy in time for the holidays. 

Presented by Jackie Rodriguez

How to Design Profitable Products and Promotions

Just running a regular ‘ol sale during the holidays? Think again! Kenna will take you through value added promotions and preparing holiday product launches to make this your most profitable Q4 ever. 

Presented by Kenna Cote

3 Easy Facebook Ads to Boost Your Marketing

Kenna will take you through three kinds of FB ads, showing you step by step how to construct an ad that will speak to your audience and get conversions. You’ll leave this session with ad strategy tips and newfound ad confidence!

Presented by Kenna Cote

4 Keys to Using Canva without Overwhelm

Get the lowdown on what Canva account you should have, how to keep organized, and how to use the built-in brand kit for your biz. You'll learn how to apply your branding to templates, too, so your graphics and marketing materials always look custom and never cookie-cutter.

Presented by Brenda Cadman

How to Transcend Stress, Overwhelm, and Burnout

What are you underneath the title of small business owner or entrepreneur? Hint: You’re a human being, not a human doing! Learn practical tips + techniques to prioritize your wellbeing during the chaotic holiday season.

Presented by Rocio “Luz” Cadena

Systematizing Your Marketing Using ClickUp

You will leave this session with an understanding of how to efficiently and effectively plan out, organize, and collaborate with others in order to maximize your marketing content.

Presented by Simone Little

Are you a perfect fit?

  • You're a badass soap biz owner who's been through a holiday season and knows how hard it is.
  • You don't want your business to run every waking minute of your life - after all, isn't one of the reasons that you started your own biz so that you could have more flexibility?
  • You're ready to take control and make bank this Q4 - and you know that you need help to do it.
If any of these sounds like you, keep reading, because you’re exactly where you need to be.
I can't wait to see you take off with Hustle-Free Holiday!
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You may be asking yourself...