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Join us for our annual Build Your Bank challenge (for only $27), so you can uncover how to generate revenue on demand and stack cash all year long. Last year, we had 34 participants bring in $39,005.16 during the challenge

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I'm ready to build my bank in June!

Sounds cool, but what's waiting for me inside the Build Your Bank Challenge?

Join us during the month of June, where we're going to be diving into the dirty details of how to rake in cash and boost your bottom line. 

Together, we'll:

💰 Discover whether you are focusing on the right money moves for your biz based on your individual journey so you aren't constantly hitting your head against a brick wall

💰 Explore how to tailor your biz journey for your own needs, no matter how big or small your biz is, and set realistic attainable goals that make sense for you

 💰 Uncover the money thoughts that you tell yourself that hold you back every day and reframe them to work in your favor so you aren't your own worst enemy

💰 Learn how to capitalize on the money you've made in the past to bring in more cash (because it's easier to rinse and repeat than re-invent the wheel)

💰 Embrace stacking cash as a powerful tool for social, personal, and professional change - not the greedy money-hungry stereotype crammed down our throats by society

💰 Reveal how to make money on demand - anytime you want, day in and day out, so you stop feeling like an impostor who will never "make it"

When you join the challenge, you'll get:

💰 Direct revenue-boosting coaching from Kenna herself throughout the challenge

💰 A supportive Community group (hosted on our website) with ambitious, talented, goal-oriented soap biz owners

💰 Kickass prizes for your efforts because we’re all about rewarding growth

Build Your Bank kicks off June 6th with our kick-off call and leads up to the ten-day laser focus money-generating challenge happening June 14th through 23rd. (Mark your calendar!)

I'm ready to make that money & build a better biz this June!

What clients Are Saying: "There are many ways to fund things I need for my business besides selling my products. This challenge pushed me to explore sales avenues I hadn't previously considered! I felt very driven and engaged in my business every day of the challenge, I loved it!" - Holly G.

"My biggest takeaway is that money goals are not problems to tackle, but just part of the business that needs to happen. I am very glad I participated." - Brandi P.

How would it feel to make money on demand?

Over the last two years, our challenge participants generated thousands of dollars of revenue, learned how to prioritize profit-generation in their business, and how to step out of their comfort zone to make bank.

This challenge isn't just about the money (but that part sure is nice!) You'll learn how to address your money mind trash that holds you back in biz and gain the confidence to stack cash over and over again - whenever you want, on your own.

It's time to make money AND feel good about it.

WHAT CLIENTS ARE SAYING: "I’m glad I participated. It helped me realize that when I want to find something new, I have the skills and resourcefulness to pull off some quick and creative fundraising.

It also motivated me to take care of some low-hanging fruit that I had let slide - selling some things that seldom got used and took up space, following up on money owed to me and moving some product that needed to go." - Valorie Z.

Does making money feel out of your control? Are you waiting for cash to come your way?

If you’ve missed out on opportunities to level up because you don’t have cash in hand, or go into panic mode due to an unexpected expense, this challenge is for you!

You'll get the tools to make *someday* into TODAY.

Believe it or not, making money does NOT have to be hard. In fact, it should be fun and easy.

Does the idea of wanting to make money make you feel gross?

Well newsflash, rockstar: You don’t have to follow the bro marketing advice out there or set up fake urgent promotions and deadline timers and who knows what else.

You can put yourself out there naturally and authentically, show up for your brand, and build your bank while you do it.

During the Build Your Bank Challenge, we’ll tackle money mind trash, revenue streams, and why you might be focusing on the wrong stuff.

With coaching from Kenna and a super supportive community of experienced soap biz owners in an exclusive Community Support group (on our website!), you’ll learn how to boost your revenue like never before.

Sign up for the Build Your Bank challenge!

WHAT CLIENTS ARE SAYING: "I always learn a lot when I do these challenges! I learned to spend time on what actually matters in my business - making money." - Clarissa P.

"My takeaway is that I'm in control, even if customers aren't ready to pull the trigger. There are ways to scrounge up funds if needed. It opened my eyes to think outside the box and realize it's not always all about the sale." - Missy R.

Have questions? We've got answers.

Wait, who's "we"?

Hey, hey, rockstar. I'm Kenna and I'm the founder of Modern Soapmaking.

I've been around the soap block, literally and figuratively.

I started making soap in 2004. Some say that one of my superpowers is distilling soapmaking chemistry down to plain English.

I've owned and operated two profitable soap companies: Amathia Soapworks and Gratitude Soapery. In 2013, I launched Modern Soapmaking to help other soapmakers see the same success.

I've spoken at dozens of industry conferences, events, and workshops and have taught thousands of soapmakers how to make the best damn soap ever (and how to make bank selling it).

And now I've built a team of badass soap biz owners who add more experience and hands on deck so we can help you do the same.

Ready to make some marketing magic with us?

It's time to start making bank!

Ready to stop struggling to bring money into your handmade soap business? Sign up by June 2nd and learn how to bring in cash on demand.

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