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Vote for the Best Soapmaking Suppliers in the USA!

Over the last decade, soapmaking has become an easier craft to jump into thanks to the plethora of resources  and supplies available! When I first started making soap, soapmakers often used crayons and fabric dye (gross!) to color their soap and expensive fragrances bought at retail stores to whip up their creations. The internet has made it possible for soapmakers across the country to use skin-safe ingredients, shipped right to their door!

I think it’s high time we show soapmaking suppliers a little love! Help me spotlight the best soapmaking suppliers in the country and cast your vote!¬†

Best Soapmaking Suppliers

Each soapmaker may only vote once, and can vote for whichever category they like (or all of them!) Here’s the categories that you can vote for (the only required entry is the best overall supplier – the last entry!)

Best Suppliers by Supply Type: Essentials Oils, Fragrance Oils, Natural Colorants (Herbs & Botanicals), Micas & Pigments, Carrier Oils & Butters, Sodium Hydroxide, Soapmaking Molds, Soap Cutters, Soap Stamps, Soap Packaging

Best Suppliers by Expectations: Customer Service, Quality, Order Fulfillment, Prices, Overall

Get your votes in by September 20th, and¬†I’ll round up the top votes in each category and feature them all here on Modern Soapmaking!

Cast Your Votes!

Clicking the button below will open a modal window with the voting form (similar to a popup, that overlays here on Modern Soapmaking).

Voting has closed for the 2016 Best Suppliers! Click here to find out what suppliers snagged the top spots!

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