The Best Reasons to Sell Wholesale Handmade Soap

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A lot of times when fresh-faced soapmakers jump into biz, they hear about wholesale and the first question they ask is WHY. Why would I ever want to wholesale my handmade soap? In fact, this is a question I get a lot. It’s not a surprising question, really! When you consider that wholesale is typically […]

5 Quick Tips to Masterminding Wholesale

5 Hot Tips to Masterminding Wholesale

For a lot of soapmakers, wholesale sounds likeĀ aĀ scary challenge. But it’s not as hard or terrifying as it’s made out to be! If you’ve decided to wholesale your soap, and have a good handle on what you need, the last thing you’ll need to hit the road is a handful of my favorite tips forĀ masterminding […]

To Be Successful, Know the True Cost of Your Handmade Soap

How much should I sell my house for? What should a meal cost in a restaurant? My neighbor is selling her car for $10k, so thatā€™s what Iā€™m going to price mine. Um…what?! Youā€™d never let a random stranger on the internet price your house. How much a meal costs depends on so many factors! […]

The Bare Necessities of Wholesale Magic

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It’s not as hard to get started wholesaling as many soapmakersĀ think! There are some bare necessities of wholesale to get you started on your path to selling your handmade soap & skincare products to retailers. After that, there are bonuses and extras, but they aren’t necessary to jump in with both feet! What do I […]

Wholesale Primer + The Words You Need to Know

On Friday, I talked about why anyone would want to wholesale their handmade soap. So if that’s you, but you are totally new to what exactly wholesale is, I’ve got you covered with a primer on what is wholesale (and what totally isn’t.) Plus, the words you will need to stack up in your vocabulary. […]