The Best Reasons to Sell Wholesale Handmade Soap

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A lot of times when fresh-faced soapmakers jump into biz, they hear about wholesale and the first question they ask is WHY. Why would I ever want to wholesale my handmade soap? In fact, this is a question I get a lot. It’s not a surprising question, really! When you consider that wholesale is typically […]

5 Quick Tips to Masterminding Wholesale

5 Hot Tips to Masterminding Wholesale

For a lot of soapmakers, wholesale sounds like¬†a¬†scary challenge. But it’s not as hard or terrifying as it’s made out to be! If you’ve decided to wholesale your soap, and have a good handle on what you need, the last thing you’ll need to hit the road is a handful of my favorite tips for¬†masterminding […]

The Bare Necessities of Wholesale Magic

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It’s not as hard to get started wholesaling as many soapmakers¬†think! There are some bare necessities of wholesale to get you started on your path to selling your handmade soap & skincare products to retailers. After that, there are bonuses and extras, but they aren’t necessary to jump in with both feet! What do I […]

Wholesale Primer + The Words You Need to Know

On Friday, I talked about why anyone would want to wholesale their handmade soap. So if that’s you, but you are totally new to what exactly wholesale is, I’ve got you covered with a primer on what is wholesale (and what totally isn’t.) Plus, the words you will need to stack up in your vocabulary. […]