Tutorial: Rainbow Spin Swirl Soap Recipe + Video

Rainbow Spin Swirl Soap Recipe & Tutorial

I’ve had a ton of requests for more rainbow soaps, so I decided to get started with a simple spin swirl soap! This technique is one of my favorites in a slab because it’s super easy and versatile. No matter if you are a beginner or an experienced soapmaker, you should be able to pull […]

Tutorial: Activated Charcoal and Tea Tree Soap Recipe

You can’t reinvent the wheel but you can definitely take a new spin on it. I love a classic activated charcoal and tea tree soap recipe myself! Instead of doing an all black bar or monotone bar of soap, I wanted to design a soap that paid homage to the tea tree plant with it’s […]

Video: Rainbow Clyde Slide Soap Recipe & Tutorial

Over the last year, I’ve fallen behind on all the trendy and new soap design techniques introduced into the soapy wild by talented soapmakers! The clyde slide soap design technique popularized by Clyde of Vibrant Soap is one that I’m tackling today! I love Clyde’s approach to soap designs, focusing on color theory and taking […]

Video: Lavender & Cedar Split Tiger Stripe Soap

Soap Design Technique: Tiger Stripes can be modified and combined with plenty of other techniques, too.

I’ve been spending a lot of time playing in the soapy workshop this month, swatching colorants for a new edition of Swatch Mania and creating tutorials for y’all. When I got my hands on the new Bramble Berry colorants, I could not wait to share them! This tiger stripe soap was created using a little […]

Video: Rainbow Soap with Petal Technique

Rainbow Petal Soap

Over the weekend, I was playing around with a cake design technique that I’ve been wanting to translate to soap. I do this a lot with techniques – baking and soaping go hand in hand! One of my little darlings turns four this week, so I made her birthday cake based on a multitude of YouTube […]

Soap Challenge 2014: Rainbow Drop Swirl Video + Coconut Oil Free Soap Recipe

It’s been awhile since I did one of Great Cakes Soapworks’ Soap Challenges, but the drop swirl was something I’ve been wanting to revisit. Plus, I broke out a coconut oil free soap recipe for this little ditty. I was wanting to recreate an older soap from the Amathia Soapworks arsenal, a rainbow drop swirl. […]

A Passion for Soap Making Video & A Reflection on My Soap Making Journey

This summer, I worked with a great company named Kindling to develop a promotional video featuring my soap making. I met Chase, one of the two great guys behind Kindling, through Zaarly. At the time, Chase was just getting setup on Zaarly, so when we talked about the video, we also talked shop about selling […]

Soap Challenges 2013: Rainbow Peacock Swirl Soap

After Amy’s four weeks of soap challenges earlier this year, she realized she was on to something! After some brainstorming and planning, the Soap Challenge Club was born! June is the first month of the Soap Challenge Club and brings us the peacock swirl soap challenge! Staying true to form, I pulled out my six […]

Tutorial: Three Color Modified Mantra Swirl Soap

The mantra swirl is probably one of the oldest coloring techniques I know of, and is a classic soapmaking design (in my opinion!) It was one of the first designs I learned, and is one of my favorites to break out when I get bored. The way I was taught to do a mantra swirl […]

Soap Challenges 2013: Leopard Spots Soap, Week Four

Here we are! Week Four, the final week of Amy’s Soap Challenges! So far, we have done a tiger stripe, an elemental swirl, a top oil mica swirl, and now we’re on to leopard spots soap! Leopard print soap is a totally new design technique for me – and almost everyone else it seems! Cee […]