Tutorial: Vegan Friendly Milk and Honey Soap Recipe

I am not a vegan. But as a chef, I have always wanted to know as much as possible about food, the way it works, and how to make things taste good! I discovered nut milks and cheeses many years ago and was hooked. When I began to make soaps, I started to experiment with […]

Tutorial: Goat’s Milk, Honey and Avocado Oil Soap

Everybody loves a goat’s milk soap. With all the good press goat’s milk has been getting lately, I figured it was time to venture into a few goat’s milk soaps. Milk soaps aren’t new to me, so I was quietly confident nothing would go wrong. However, then I had to try and source some goat’s […]

Tutorial: All Natural Cucumber And Yogurt Soap

I’ve been dabbling in a few all natural soaps lately. Say it isn’t so! I can hear you crying, but it’s true. I have. I have some regular customers who are allergic to fragrances and so I like to keep a select range of fragrance free soaps in stock. Cucumber and yogurt go together perfectly. […]