8 Awesome Soap Techniques! (See How to Do Them)

rainbow mantra swirl cold process soap design

Most soapmaking design techniques are combinations of basic techniques, including layering and manipulation of the layers. Once you master controlling your formula rather than letting it control you, you will see a whole world of possibilities with a little bit of patience. Here are some common techniques with variations you can try and tips for success: Soap Design […]

Video: Lavender & Cedar Split Tiger Stripe Soap

Soap Design Technique: Tiger Stripes can be modified and combined with plenty of other techniques, too.

I’ve been spending a lot of time playing in the soapy workshop this month, swatching colorants for a new edition of Swatch Mania and creating tutorials for y’all. When I got my hands on the new Bramble Berry colorants, I could not wait to share them! This tiger stripe soap was created using a little […]

Soap Challenges 2013: Tiger Stripe Soap, Week One

Amy at Great Cakes Soapworks has started up her Soap Challenges again this year! Last year, I was too busy to participate, but I promised myself I would try to get in on it this go around. When Amy debuted the list of weekly challenges and I saw my Tiger Stripe soap for the first […]