The Best Places to Get Stock Photos that Don’t Suck

Best stock photography websites gratisography woman silly glasses suspenders tatoos blond

There’s a reason “a picture is worth a thousand words” is a cliche: it’s true. Marketing your biz means you need to catch people’s attention. And the competition to get customers’ eyes on you is stiff. So, knowing the best places to get stock photos can help. Quality, on-brand images are a must. But, believe […]

How to Create Facebook Ads that Actually Work for Your Business

Soap business owners are coming to terms with the fact that social media is no longer a free marketing playground. I’ve seen an uptick in soapmakers tackling “pay to play” marketing strategies. (Heck yes!) But can you get Facebook ads to actually work for you? I’ve been an avid user of Facebook advertising for my […]

How to Market Your Handmade Soap Effectively and Easily

When I snag the privilege of working one-on-one with soapmakers to boost their soap businesses, we usually identify straight away the core issue. More often than not, they aren’t marketing their handmade soap effectively. Soapmakers are phenomenal at making their handmade soap and other cosmetics. As a general rule, they spend most of their resources […]

Should You Make the Switch to an Instagram Business Account?

In 2016, Instagram announced the ability to transform personal accounts into business accounts. This lets users to grab hold of new features, like statistics, quick contact information, and¬†the ability to schedule¬†posts. From the get-go, many small business owners were leary of the new account option. They opted to ¬†stick it out with a personal account. […]

Marketing Made Easy: Help Your Customers Fall in Love (February 2016 Challenge)

Marketing Made Easy Challenge: Help Your Customers Fall in Love

Having a hard time marketing your products to your customers? Want to crank out some easy content to rock your marketing world? Let’s spice it up, and add a little incentive with the Marketing Made Easy challenge! Time and time again, the biggest complaint I hear from soapmakers is that they would love to market […]

How to Get the Most Out of Soapmaking Facebook Groups

To see posts in the group in your regular Facebook newsfeed, make sure you are following the group.

The internet¬†moves at lightning speed, and the ways to keep up to date and in tune with the soapmaking community rapidly changes. For a couple years now, soapmaking¬†Facebook groups have steadily taken over as the main way soapmakers connect with eachother online (versus the forums and Yahoo! groups of the past.) If you are new […]

5 Social Media Mistakes Soapmakers Are Making (And How to Fix Them)

Big Social Media Mistakes Soapmakers are Making

If you are a soapmaker in biz, chances are you have a decent social media presence. Most likely, a Facebook page, and then maybe, a Twitter account, or a Pinterest account, or Instagram¬†photo feed. If so, high five!¬†Social media is a great way to reach new customers, stay engaged with current customers, build a community […]

How to Use Content from the Web Legally


Recently, I’ve had a few issues with copyright violation of Modern Soapmaking articles, eBooks, etc. It made me realize that many people don’t know if they¬†can or cannot use content¬†found online. (Everyone I have had to contact has been great at removing copyrighted material, and I hope it stays that way.) I want to talk […]

4 Rules to Better Blogging for Beauty Businesses

I’m hanging out at Central Soapers Workshop this weekend, talking shop and networking with 50+ other soapmaking superstars. Central Soapers Workshop is an annual gathering for soapmakers in the central U.S. region, and is hosted by myself and a team of fabulous volunteers. Central Soapers Workshop is what lead to Modern Soapmaking’s creation. It was […]