How to Make an Easy Wood Soap Mold: Loaf, Slab, & Block

adjustable wooden soap molds with removable sides

One of the most costly parts of soapmaking is the molds and cutters you use as you grow from making small single batches to wanting to make tons of soap all at once. If the investment of larger molds or silicone molds is off your pocketbook’s radar, you can DIY and build your own wood soap molds […]

How to Make a No-Leak PVC Pipe Soap Mold (on the Cheap!)

Guest post alert! This fab post is brought to you by Akeylah from Halcyon Bath. Check out her bio at the bottom! Have some super soapy wisdom you want to share with Modern Soapmaking’s readers? Get in touch! Hello everyone! A here! I like the shape of round pucks of soap. But the prices for round […]