Tutorial: Modified Hanger Swirl Rainbow Soap with Activated Charcoal (ISC)

Rainbow Hanger Swirl Soap with Activated Charcoal

It’s time for another¬†Inspiration Soap Challenge¬†tutorial! Dana¬†from New England Handmade Artisan Soaps¬†received one of the ISC kits, and made¬†this beautiful soap¬†inspired by Bobby McFerrin‚Äôs song ‚ÄúDon‚Äôt Worry, Be Happy‚ÄĚ using at least four of the ingredients included in her kit. Dana¬†challenged me: I would like to see you do a rainbow soap with red, orange, […]

Tutorial: Pastel Four Color Gradient Layers Soap (ISC)

It’s time for another¬†Inspiration Soap Challenge¬†tutorial! Jaime¬†from Sleeping Gypsy received one of the ISC kits, and whipped up this¬†bright treat inspired by Mungo Jerry’s In The Summertime.¬†Jaime¬†challenged me: make a soap has gradient layers using 4 colors. ūüôā Four color gradient layers? Sure thing! I’ve been wanting to do this with Lab Colors or another […]

Tutorial: Exfoliating Natural Ombré Soap (ISC)

Natural Yellow Ombre Exfoliating Soap

It’s time for another¬†Inspiration Soap Challenge¬†tutorial! Cynthia¬†from Five Golden Apples¬†was one of the lucky receivers of the fifteen ISC kits, and made this¬†gorgeous soap¬†to wrap up her challenge of matching a color palette. In return, Cynthia¬†sent me her challenge request: 4 layer soap. Alternating mp and cp each containing an exfoliant. Also to be in […]

Want to Play? Put Me Up to a Challenge!

Inspiration Soap Challenge

Lately, I’ve been totally stumbling over soapmaking. There, I said it. I’ve been so wrapped up in Get Busy Blogging and future course plans for Modern Soapmaking, that I’ve totally lost my soapmaking mojo. For a few months now, I’ve been making soap for Gratitude Soapery and that’s about it. I’m SO uninspired. So, I’ve […]

Soap Challenge 2014: Rainbow Drop Swirl Video + Coconut Oil Free Soap Recipe

It’s been awhile since I did one of Great Cakes Soapworks’ Soap Challenges, but the drop swirl was something I’ve been wanting to revisit. Plus, I broke out a coconut oil free soap recipe for this little ditty. I was wanting to recreate an older soap from the Amathia Soapworks arsenal, a rainbow drop swirl. […]

Soap Challenges 2013: Rainbow Peacock Swirl Soap

After Amy’s four weeks of soap challenges earlier this year, she realized she was on to something! After some brainstorming and planning, the Soap Challenge Club was born! June is the first month of the Soap Challenge Club and brings us the peacock swirl soap challenge! Staying true to form, I pulled out my six […]

Soap Challenges 2013: Leopard Spots Soap, Week Four

Here we are! Week Four, the final week of Amy’s Soap Challenges! So far, we have done a tiger stripe, an elemental swirl, a top oil mica swirl, and now we’re on to leopard spots soap! Leopard print soap is a totally new design technique for me – and almost everyone else it seems! Cee […]

Soap Challenges 2013: Oil Mica Swirl Tops Soap, Week Three

Week three of Amy’s Soap Challenge 2013 is coming to a close, and we have one more week to go. But – there is a week break here, so it’ll be another week for we start the next challenge! I can’t wait! So far, we have hit up the tiger stripe and the elemental swirl. […]

Soap Challenges 2013: Elemental Swirl Soap, Week Two

It’s time for Week Two of Amy’s Soap Challenge 2013, and what’s up her sleeve? Elemental swirl soap! Last August (2012), Otion posted an elemental swirl soap on their blog¬†and I remember Amy’s Caribbean Diva soap¬†that followed shortly thereafter, using the same technique. When you break it down, an elemental swirl soap is pretty much […]

Soap Challenges 2013: Tiger Stripe Soap, Week One

Amy at Great Cakes Soapworks has started up her Soap Challenges again this year! Last year, I was too busy to participate, but I promised myself I would try to get in on it this go around. When Amy debuted the list of weekly challenges and I saw my Tiger Stripe soap for the first […]