How to Complete Your Cosmetic Notification Forms (Canada)

INCI ingredient names are needed for CNF and labels

Are you feeling overwhelmed at the thought of filling out your Cosmetic Notification Forms? If you’ve spent any time listening to other soapmakers going through the process, you might be. I’ve been through the process myself, so I get it. If you’ve found yourself staring at the Health Canada website with your eyes glazing over, […]

Are You in the Know on Cosmetic Regulations Reform? (USA)

Stay up to date on cosmetics legislation and regulation reform

It can be difficult to keep track of what is going on with legislation and regulations on top of the everyday business you already need to look after. More often than not, small biz owners are too busy running their own businesses to know what is happening in Washington D.C. – and who can blame […]

A Complete Update on the Current Cosmetics Regulation Reform Efforts in the USA

An Update on Cosmetics Regulation Reform

Over the last couple years, there has been a rumbling in the walls of our legislative bodies when it comes to cosmetics regulation reform in the United States, and it’s important for all of us to be informed, get¬†involved, and make our voices heard. Below, I’ve outlined all the current instances of cosmetics regulation reform […]

Why No One is Too Small to Follow the Labeling Rules & Cosmetics Regulations

The Importance of Following the Rules & Cosmetics Regulations

In¬†discussions about the rules and regulations around selling handmade bath and body products in Facebook groups and soapmaking forums, I see it time and time again. Usually, someone asks for advice on how to comply to the rules. A stream of fantastic responses give recommended¬†resources, advice, and input. Unfortunately, in the mix, there are always […]

How to Stop Guessing at the Essential Oil Usage Rate When You Make Soap

Esssential oil usage rate for soap

Now that I’ve dished on my top ten recommended essential oils for soapmaking, I want to dig into the age old question of: How¬†do I figure out the usage rate of XYZ essential oil? How much essential oil do I use in soapmaking? Unfortunately, this is never a straightforward answer, but let’s decipher the in’s […]

The Cosmetic Labeling Mistakes I Always Made (Are You Making Them, Too?)

Feminine Face & Body Soap Duo from the now defunct Amathia Soapworks

Once upon a time, I worked freelance as a graphic designer, and my first introduction to cosmetic labeling was actually a client instead of my own company. While this gave me a heads-up on understanding the regulations early, it didn’t stop me from making the same labeling mistakes over and over. Luckily, it was easy […]

An Overview of the Personal Care Products Safety Act of 2015, S. 1014

introduction to the personal care products safety act

As luck would have it, a new bill was introduced¬†during¬†my move to Arizona from¬†Missouri while I was completely missing in action! On April 20, Senators Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) and Susan Collins (R-Maine) introduced the Personal Care Products Safety Act. The PCPSA can be¬†tracked on by clicking here¬†or by referencing its assigned identifier, S.1014. The […]