How to Make More Profit By Selling Soap Accessories

You pride yourself in making your products by hand. We get that! But what if bringing in a few items to resell alongside your soaps would make your customers even happier and increase your profits? And what if you could do that without undermining your passion for handmade? Are you thinking that is a win-win […]

What Are the Best Soap Molds for Every Level?

When you get bitten by the soapmaking bug, just about *everything* starts to look like a potential mold. However, with experience, you narrow down what kind of soap mold works best for you. Whether you are a hobbyist, a teacher, or a soap business owner looking to scale up, this list of pros and cons […]

Is Craftybase the Inventory Management Answer for Soapmakers in Business?

Craftybase dashboard for soap business

It’s no secret that Kenna loves Soapmaker 3. She’s been using it for years. But, we hear from a lot of soapmakers that they struggle with the interface and learning curve. Or the software won’t run on their operating systems. Good news! There’s a web-based application taking the maker crowd by storm. It’s called Craftybase. I’ve […]

Soap Visor Review: A New Kind of Safety Gear

Wearing Op-d-Op visor for soap making

Safety gear in soapmaking is an absolute necessity, but goggles can be a huge pain. Especially for those of us who sport glasses. Is there another option? There is now with the Soap Visor! When Alegna Soap approached Modern Soapmaking to review this new product, I wasn’t sure what to expect. 100% of the time […]

6 Books That Will Help You Think Like a Web Designer

One of the most common areas that soapmakers DIY in their businesses is building their first website. While so many platforms promise you won’t need to think like a web designer to make magic, I know that the concepts of successful web design can’t be guaranteed with a website builder. To pull off a stellar website […]

How to Make Managing Your Email Easy

Owning a small business gets a little crazy, pulling you a million different directions all the time. However, if you asked me what the hardest part was, I’d say managing your email is at the top of the list. Recently, one of our amazing Resource Library members asked if email newsletters are dead because of […]

The Best Soapmaking Supplier(s) in the Country

The Best Soapmaking Suppliers in the Country

A few weeks ago, I asked y’all to vote for your favorite soapmaking suppliers in the country and boy, did you respond! Almost a thousand soapmakers cast their votes! We narrowed down the best soapmaking supplier by product category, plus the best soapmaking suppliers for customer service, quality, shipping, and prices! I hope this list serves as […]

Recommended Cosmetics Industry Publications for Indie Business Owners

Recommended Cosmetics Industry Publications for Indie Business Owners

Soapmakers tend to live in their own little worlds, getting immersed in the latest tutorials and experiments by other soapmakers, as well as blog posts by niche industry writers (like me!) Hey, I’m no different – I love reading up on Point of Interest, Soap Queen, Saponifier, Soap Deli, Adventures with the Sage, and oh so many […]

How to Find the Best Essential Oil Suppliers (& Who to Avoid)

Curious about where you can find quality essential oils to get started on using natural fragrances in your soapmaking and bath and body products? I’ve got you covered! Here’s how to find the best essential oil suppliers. If you are looking for more information about using essential oils in soapmaking, I’ve written about my top […]