5 Killer Productivity Apps I Can’t Live Without

As solo entrepreneurs, we wear many hats. Research & Development Director. Marketing Team. Accountant. Production Manager. Advertising. The list goes on and on. It’s so easy to get distracted and overwhelmed. That’s where my favorite thing in the world comes in: apps. Apps are various pieces of software to manage specific tasks or functions, many […]

Do you embrace the 90/10 principle?

Did y’all know April is Stress Awareness Month?! As a small biz owner + entrepreneur, stress is no stranger! Sometimes, it becomes unbearable and overwhelming. Other times, it becomes fuel for the fire and creates a storm of productivity. When I found out about Stress Awareness Month a few weeks ago, I began to wonder […]

Efficiency in Scaling: Introduction to Master Batching Soap Making E-Book

As many of you know, I hosted Central Soapers Workshop this past March. It was a first year gathering right here in Kansas City. The response and feedback was amazing, and I think it was a huge success! However, my desire to keep it an affordable workshop (final registration was $150 for two days of speakers, demonstrations, workshops, […]