What Are the Best Soap Molds for Every Level?

When you get bitten by the soapmaking bug, just about *everything* starts to look like a potential mold. However, with experience, you narrow down what kind of soap mold works best for you. Whether you are a hobbyist, a teacher, or a soap business owner looking to scale up, this list of pros and cons […]

What You Need to Get Started with Production Soapmaking

Since releasing my guide to masterbatching and production efficiency, soapmakers often ask me about specific recommendations for production soapmaking when starting a soap business. The truth of the matter is, it depends on your budget, your process, your formula, and so much more. I’ve scaled two different soap companies to production soapmaking methods personally, as well […]

How to pH Test Soap the Right Way & Why It Matters!

One of the common questions that come up on Modern Soapmaking, especially in hot process tutorials and liquid soapmaking tutorials, is how to pH test handmade soap. It’s easy to understand why when there is so much conflicting information on the internet pH testing soap! I hope to clear up a lot of common misconceptions […]

How I Started Making Big Batch Hot Process Soap

I love to hear stories from other soapmakers about how they started their businesses, and what the turning points were that made a big difference in their growth. So I thought I would share a little about my own experiences with my business! I started out as a cold process soapmaker. After getting really frustrated […]

Critical Safety Measures Every Smart Soapmaker Should Know

Prepping your ingredients and creating a flow with help you make handmade soap safely

When many¬†soapmakers first start out, they don’t give much thought to how to make handmade soap safely. And when they do, their efforts are typically focused on the caustic nature of lye, and not on any of the other ingredients or important safety measures. And even still, misinformation runs rampant on something as universally important […]

How to Efficiently Create a Masterbatch of Oils for Soapmaking in Soapmaker 3

Soapmaker 3 Tutorials

When I originally wrote Efficiency in Scaling: Introduction to Masterbatching, Soapmaker 3 didn’t have a lot of the great features it does now, so the workaround for creating a masterbatch of oils for soapmaking in Soapmaker 3 was a little messy. Nowadays, it’s super easy to create a masterbatch of oils and account for inventory, […]

The Latest Soap Design Techniques are Beautiful, But Are They Worth It?

A lot of folks found Modern Soapmaking through one of my tutorials or YouTube videos, and that’s fabulous – really, it is!¬†I love playing with new soap design techniques and of course, challenging myself with difficult color schemes (rainbows!) I’ve noticed lately that there is a hot new soap design technique coming around every month […]

Using Hot Process Soapmaking for Production Soaping

Swirled Hot Process Soap by Ridgeway Soapworks

Like many of you, I learned how to make soap using the cold process method. My soap story actually started with a large jar of coconut oil that I wanted to find a use for, and after a google search of “uses for coconut oil” learned that it is a wonderful¬†oil to use in soap. […]

Efficiency in Scaling: Introduction to Master Batching Soap Making E-Book

As many of you know, I hosted¬†Central Soapers Workshop¬†this past March. It was a first year gathering right here in Kansas City. The response and feedback was amazing, and I think it was a huge success!¬†However, my desire to keep it an affordable workshop (final registration was $150 for two days of speakers, demonstrations, workshops, […]