How to Raise Your Prices and Delight Your Customers (At The Same Time)

Many years ago, I started selling my handmade soap at craft shows and farmers markets for five dollars a bar. Like many soapmakers, I wasn’t sure how to price my products. I relied too heavily on looking at (what I thought was) the competition. My bar size was a bit smaller than average, so I […]

10 Things You Need to Know Before You Start a Soap Business

I’ve been asked a lot for advice about how to start a soap business (duh, that’s why I’m here!), so I decided to round up the most common bits and pieces of advice I’ve given over the years into one gigantic resource of ten things I think everyone should know before they start a soap company. […]

To Be Successful, Know the True Cost of Your Handmade Soap

We’ve talked about why anyone should wholesale their soap, the bare bones basics of what they need to wholesale, and the words they need to know in building their wholesale program. And a few comments popped up on Facebook here and there about how anyone could make a profit wholesaling their soap. So, I promised a little […]

Wholesale Primer + The Words You Need to Know

On Friday, I talked about why anyone would want to wholesale their handmade soap. So if that’s you, but you are totally new to what exactly wholesale is, I’ve got you covered with a primer on what is wholesale (and what totally isn’t.) Plus, the words you will need to stack up in your vocabulary. […]