My Best Advice for Successful Holiday Craft Shows

Every fall, a ton of questions from first-time holiday craft show vendors start streaming in. How much product do I take? What do I need? Any advice? If this sounds like burning hot questions, you need the answers to, we’ve got you. This year, we decided to put all our favorite advice together in one […]

Simple Tips to Help You Create Successful Craft Show Booth Designs and Setups

Heather from Naked Goat Soap Company accomplishes a ton of these tips with her unique and eye-catching setup!

One of the biggest things soapmakers agonize over when it comes to doing shows is how to setup a successful craft show booth. There’s a lot of great and common advice out there about what tables to use or silly common sense things like including signage. So, today, let’s gather up some less commonly talked […]

It’s the End of the Central Soapers Workshop (Here’s Why)

The End of CSW 2015

I’ve been stewing on a major decision… And I’m finally ready to share… Oh my. (Before we get to that, here’s your earworm. Yum, REM.) In 2012, I was a little cranky about all the soapy gatherings that were happening everywhere else but here… near Kansas City. So, hey, quit yer bitchin’ and do something about […]

12 Common Photography Mistakes That Might Be Costing You Sales

Common Photography Mistakes that are Costing You Sales

When it comes to running an indie biz, we become accustomed to wearing many hats – accountant, sales rep, copywriter, etc. It’s hard to be completely awesome at every aspect of biz, but some aspects really hurt us. Especially when selling online! Being your own photographer is one of those hats that is extremely important […]

Central Soapers Workshop: Sunday Recap (Part 3)

I hope you enjoyed the previous two Central Soapers Workshop 2014 recap posts! Let’s wrap this up with a recap on Sunday’s events, because really, that was the best day. (Maybe I’m a little biased here?) Let’s kick it off with what went down in The Workshop on Sunday! First up was the amazing Amanda […]

Central Soapers Workshop 2014: Saturday Recap (Part 2)

I promised a play by play recap of Central Soapers Workshop 2014, so we’ll jumpstart with the longest day of them all: SATURDAY! Central Soapers Workshops is divided into two parts: the Workshop and the Soap Lab. The Workshop is where we talk biz. The Soap Lab is where we get together to whip up […]

Soap Making Conferences: Central Soapers Workshop 2014 (Recap Part 1)

This past weekend was totally crazy! I spent 72 hours straight eating, breathing, and dreaming of Central Soapers Workshop, an annual soap making conference in the midwest region. Central Soapers Workshop is hosted by myself and a fab team of volunteers, right here in Kansas City. We start planning in the summer before the event […]