Tutorial: Espresso Almond Milk Soap Recipe

Espresso Almond Milk Soap Recipe

Recently I jumped on the almond milk soap bandwagon and I must say that I am¬†a fan! It‚Äôs rich and luxurious, so of course, I had to soap with it! Milk soaps have been popular for quite some time, they are moisturizing, creamy, and they lather beautifully. Almond milk soaps have the added benefit of […]

Tutorial: Spring Fling Layered Soap with Soap Shred Embeds

Spring Fling Handmade Layered Soap with Soap Shred Embeds

After creating Swatch Mania! and More Swatch Mania!, I had tons and tons of little sample swatches of solid colored soap. Naturally, I shredded them to bits using a Salad Shooter, and stored them for use later on. Most of those shreds became confetti soaps I donated to various organizations. However, I used some of […]

8 Awesome Soap Techniques! (See How to Do Them)

rainbow mantra swirl cold process soap design

Most soapmaking design techniques are combinations of basic techniques, including layering and¬†manipulation of the layers. Once you master controlling your formula rather than letting it control¬†you, you will see a whole world of possibilities with a little bit of patience. Here are some common¬†techniques with variations you can try and tips for success: Soap Design […]

My Favorite Cold Process Soap Design Technique: Gradient Layers

My Favorite Cold Process Design Technique: Gradient Layers

Cold process soaps with gradient layers feature an ombr√© color styling design that became a huge trend in 2012 in fashion, interior design, and beauty. They are, by far, my favorite design technique to use in soapmaking as they can be striking, modified to change up the whole design, and are relatively easy to scale […]

Tutorial: Cranberry Pomegranate Elemental Swirl with Gold Mica line

When I discovered a Cranberry and Pomegranate fragrance oil at Aussie Candle Supplies, I couldn’t resist. Two of my favourite smells combined together! I immediately began design planning: green, white and red just seemed a logical choice. Now, elemental swirls! I didn’t know that’s what they were called until I read Kenna’s Rainbow Elemental Swirl […]

Tutorial: Rainbow Ombr√© Soap with Bramble Berry’s LabColors

I’ve been wanting to harness the powers of bleeding soap colorants for sometime now, so I decided to snag myself a set of Bramble Berry’s LabColors to create a stunning rainbow ombr√© soap. This recipe is one of my favorite palm-free soap recipes using babassu oil and¬†coconut oil together. If you don’t have babassu (it […]

Tutorial: Exfoliating Natural Ombré Soap (ISC)

Natural Yellow Ombre Exfoliating Soap

It’s time for another¬†Inspiration Soap Challenge¬†tutorial! Cynthia¬†from Five Golden Apples¬†was one of the lucky receivers of the fifteen ISC kits, and made this¬†gorgeous soap¬†to wrap up her challenge of matching a color palette. In return, Cynthia¬†sent me her challenge request: 4 layer soap. Alternating mp and cp each containing an exfoliant. Also to be in […]

Soap Challenges 2013: Oil Mica Swirl Tops Soap, Week Three

Week three of Amy’s Soap Challenge 2013 is coming to a close, and we have one more week to go. But – there is a week break here, so it’ll be another week for we start the next challenge! I can’t wait! So far, we have hit up the tiger stripe and the elemental swirl. […]