Why No One is Too Small to Follow the Labeling Rules & Cosmetics Regulations

The Importance of Following the Rules & Cosmetics Regulations

In discussions about the rules and regulations around selling handmade bath and body products in Facebook groups and soapmaking forums, I see it time and time again. Usually, someone asks for advice on how to comply to the rules. A stream of fantastic responses give recommended resources, advice, and input. Unfortunately, in the mix, there are always […]

Are You Ready for Barcodes? Everything You Need to Know to Decide (And Where to Buy!)

barcodes on a variety of products

Now that we’ve talked about common cosmetic labeling mistakes in regards to regulations, let’s dive into some other packaging and labeling areas: bar codes! The full-time job I quit to start Amathia Soapworks was an inventory management & vendor liaison position in the grocery industry, which gave me a leg up in the world of product-based […]

The Cosmetic Labeling Mistakes I Always Made (Are You Making Them, Too?)

Feminine Face & Body Soap Duo from the now defunct Amathia Soapworks

Once upon a time, I worked freelance as a graphic designer, and my first introduction to cosmetic labeling was actually a client instead of my own company. While this gave me a heads-up on understanding the regulations early, it didn’t stop me from making the same labeling mistakes over and over. Luckily, it was easy […]

DIY Design: What’s the difference between RGB and CMYK?

CMYK Color Mode

If you choose to DIY your design or hire a graphic designer, you might be a little confused about print and web specifications. When it comes to design, there are many different color modes available, most applications use either RGB or CMYK. It’s highly important for a graphic designer (whether that’s you or someone you hire!) […]