Q+A with a CPA: How to Handle Home Business Taxes Like a Professional

Soap Business Tax Answers

A lot of great soap companies got their start in home kitchens, spare bedrooms, and garages. And we think that’s awesome! Creating great products in the comfort of your own home is totally doable. But, it also leads to a lot of questions to make sure you don’t have any nasty surprises come tax time. […]

Is Craftybase the Inventory Management Answer for Soapmakers in Business?

Craftybase dashboard for soap business

It’s no secret that Kenna lovesĀ Soapmaker 3. She’s been using it for years. But, we hear from a lot of soapmakers that they struggle with the interface and learning curve. Or the software won’t run on their operating systems. Good news! There’s a web-based application taking the maker crowd by storm. It’s called Craftybase. I’ve […]

Q+A with a CPA: Keeping Track of Your Inventory for Tax Purposes

Cut Bars of Obsidian Soap

This time of year, folks tend to ask a whole lotta questions about managing their inventory, what to count and what not to count, and the best practices to keepingĀ track of inventory throughout the year. Since I’m not a bookkeeper or CPA by trade, I try not to touch those questions with a ten foot […]