Tutorial: Natural Classic Lavender Soap Recipe

Classic Lavender Soap Recipe & Tutorial: All sliced up!

My mĂ©mère’s favorite is a bar of classic lavender soap and she relies on me to keep her stocked up! Even though I don’t sell soap anymore, I still make batches here and there for friends & family, this was no exception. The plus side is that I can also take y’all along for the […]

Join Jo: How to Use Plant Infusions in Soapmaking

The final result of using 15% of Alkanet infused oils - beautiful purple!

Great, now I have jars full of pretty plant infusions – exactly what do I do with them? I use them, that’s what! I love clear bright colors in soap. I used to use mica many moons ago, and I really wanted to have those colors again, but this time I wanted to use plants. Weavers […]

Join Jo: How to Make Infusions for Use in Soapmaking (& Cosmetics!)

Did you miss the first post in the Coloring Soap Naturally series? You can find it here! Are you ready for the next step on our plant colorant journey? I am so excited to teach you how to make infusions and see the results you achieve. Please share them with the rest of us in the […]

Join Jo & Her Botanical Love: Coloring Soap Naturally

Just a small selection of Jo's beautiful and naturally colored soaps!

My name is Jo Haslauer, and I LOVE soaping with natural colorants, botanicals and essential oils. I love to infuse herbs for their color, their herbal properties, and to enhance essential oil scents. Yes, some plant infusions can help hold scents! The magic of seeing a red colored infusion turn blue when mixed into the lye, and […]