Is Craftybase the Inventory Management Answer for Soapmakers in Business?

Craftybase dashboard for soap business

It’s no secret that Kenna lovesĀ Soapmaker 3. She’s been using it for years. But, we hear from a lot of soapmakers that they struggle with the interface and learning curve. Or the software won’t run on their operating systems. Good news! There’s a web-based application taking the maker crowd by storm. It’s called Craftybase. I’ve […]

How to Make Managing Your Email Easy

Owning a small business gets a little crazy, pulling you a million different directions all the time. However, if you asked me what the hardest part was, I’d say managing your email is at the top of the list. Recently, one of our amazing Resource Library members asked if email newsletters are dead because of […]

5 Killer Productivity Apps I Can’t Live Without

As solo entrepreneurs, we wear many hats. Research & Development Director. Marketing Team. Accountant. Production Manager. Advertising. The list goes on and on. It’s so easy to get distracted and overwhelmed. That’s where my favorite thing in the world comes in: apps. Apps are various pieces of software to manage specific tasks or functions, many […]