Why I’m Closing My Free Facebook Group (Sorry to the 14k Members)

Shortly after I started Modern Soapmaking, I flung open the doors to my free Facebook group, the Business of Soapmaking with Modern Soapmaking. (We call it BoS for short!) In fact, according to Facebook, that fateful day was June 28, 2014. Yeah, let’s revisit that: Six. šŸ‘ Years. šŸ‘ When I opened the doors to […]

How to Create Facebook Ads that Actually Work for Your Business

Soap business owners are coming to terms with the fact that social media is no longer a free marketing playground. I’ve seen an uptick in soapmakers tackling “pay to play” marketing strategies. (Heck yes!) But can you get Facebook ads to actually work for you? I’ve been an avid user of Facebook advertising for my […]

How to Get the Most Out of Soapmaking Facebook Groups

To see posts in the group in your regular Facebook newsfeed, make sure you are following the group.

The internetĀ moves at lightning speed, and the ways to keep up to date and in tune with the soapmaking community rapidly changes. For a couple years now, soapmakingĀ Facebook groups have steadily taken over as the main way soapmakers connect with eachother online (versus the forums and Yahoo! groups of the past.) If you are new […]