Tutorial: Layered Basil Tomato Soap Recipe (Using Food in Soap)

The basil tomato soap recipe has big ole bubbles!

There is nothing more exciting than going to a farmer’s market in summertime. So many amazing fruits and vegetables are available and at their peak! I live in Florida, and can pretty much get most things all year, but fruits and vegetables taste the best and cost the least during their real season. And there […]

How to Efficiently Create a Masterbatch of Oils for Soapmaking in Soapmaker 3

Soapmaker 3 Tutorials

When I originally wrote Efficiency in Scaling: Introduction to Masterbatching, Soapmaker 3 didn’t have a lot of the great features it does now, so the workaround for creating a masterbatch of oils for soapmaking in Soapmaker 3 was a little messy. Nowadays, it’s super easy to create a masterbatch of oils and account for inventory, […]

Video: Rainbow Clyde Slide Soap Recipe & Tutorial

Over the last year, I’ve fallen behind on all the trendy and new soap design techniques introduced into the soapy wild by talented soapmakers! The clyde slide soap design technique popularized by Clyde of Vibrant Soap is one that I’m tackling today! I love Clyde’s approach to soap designs, focusing on color theory and taking […]

Tutorial: Rosewater Soap with Rosehip & Jojoba Oils

Tutorial: Rosewater Soap with Rosehip & Jojoba Oils

Last spring, I collected tons of rose petals from our garden and made my own rosewater for skincare, including a toner and this lovely little rosewater soap. As I went through so much trouble to make my own rosewater, I wasn’t scared to use some luxury¬†oils and ingredients in this¬†rosewater soap formula. The essential oil […]

Tutorial: Neem Soap with Rosehip & Evening Primrose

Tutorial: 20% Neem Soap with Rosehip & Evening Primrose

My two favorite facial soap formulas are activated charcoal and tea tree facial soap and neem soap. Everyone and their dog’s uncle has an activated charcoal and tea tree soap recipe out there, so I decided to whip up this neem soap tutorial and recipe for y’all. I always use at least 20% neem oil […]

Create Your Own Essential Oil Blends for Soapmaking

Create Your Own Essential Oil Blends for Soapmaking

My most popular eBook is definitely my fifty essential oil blends compilation, and I totally get wanting blends that are tried, true, and tested for use in soapmaking. However, it’s not as difficult as it’s made out to be to create your own essential oil blends! In this article, I break down¬†a few easy exercises […]

Kenna’s Top Ten Essential Oils for Soapmaking & Starter Essential Oil Blends

Basic Essential Oil Blends for Soap

A few dozen fragrances houses make all of the soap-safe scent blends available on the market. Striking out on your own is one way to make your products stand out from the crowd. Since you’ve read past the title of this post, I’m guessing you want to create your own essential oil blends for soapmaking. […]

Tutorial: Spicy Lime Soap with French Green Clay, Nettle Leaf, & Comfrey Leaf

Tutorial: Spicy Lime Soap with French Green Clay, Nettle Leaf, and Comfrey Leaf

My husband has been requesting a soap that features some of his favorite scents: West Indies Bay, Dark Patchouli, and Mexican Lime. I decided to whip up an¬†extremely simple palm-free formula for him, with the lather boosting love of Aloe Vera, and skin-friendly colorants, like nettle leaf, comfrey leaf, and french green clay. Since the […]

Tutorial: Rainbow Elemental Swirl/Double In-The-Pot-Swirl Soap

Pour both sides of the ITPS at the same time. I used a divider, but you don't have to - in fact, it can create a pretty cool effect to skip the divider!

I recently chatted with¬†another soapmaker about all the different types of swirls and their names, and we battled a bit about the difference between the elemental swirl and the in-the-pot-swirl. Eventually, we agreed that an¬†ITPS became an elemental swirl if it had¬†more than one layer¬†and maybe a pencil line. (Maybe?) So, it’s basically a modified¬†ITPS, […]

Tutorial: Exfoliating Natural Ombré Soap (ISC)

Natural Yellow Ombre Exfoliating Soap

It’s time for another¬†Inspiration Soap Challenge¬†tutorial! Cynthia¬†from Five Golden Apples¬†was one of the lucky receivers of the fifteen ISC kits, and made this¬†gorgeous soap¬†to wrap up her challenge of matching a color palette. In return, Cynthia¬†sent me her challenge request: 4 layer soap. Alternating mp and cp each containing an exfoliant. Also to be in […]