Can You Learn to Be a Great Teacher? An Interview with Lori of The Nova Studio

How to create your own makeup Nova Studio Lori

The Nova Studio is celebrating 15 years of being a trusted source of education and information for those interested in making their own soap and bath and body products. Kenna (the owner of first partnered with The Nova Studio in 2014 and continues to do so today. We wanted to share Lori’s story with you! […]

Can SMART goals make successful web design easy?

Web Design SMART Goals Desktop Notepad Hands Computer

Before you can dive into your web design, either starting from scratch or doing some updates, you need to be crystal clear on what your goals are. And those goals should be all about making your bottom line blast off. Let’s talk about how to use SMART goals to make web design a cakewalk. So, […]

Two Blooms Design Studio: A Follow-Up Interview with Caron & Michelle

Two Blooms Design Studio Interview Mauro and Co Box Candle

A while back, Kenna chatted up the sisters behind Two Blooms Design Studio. Caron and Michelle gave us the low-down on what it’s like to get into business, not just with a partner, but with a sibling. (And if you’ve been around Modern Soapmaking long, you know we recommend caution when linking your biz up […]

How to Use Website Tests to See Your Website Like Your Visitors

Website Testing Like Visitor couch group people laptop tablet

One of the hardest truths to grasp for small business owners when it comes to websites is this ain’t about you! Instead, your focus should always be your visitors and how they see your website. Many people add features to their website that they think are cool. However, they don’t consider whether those features will […]

How to Create a Website Your Perfect Customer Will Love

Create a website your customer will love

It may sound simplistic, but our first piece of advice when it comes to websites is, have one! Without fail, people will ask about social media accounts and various sales channels (like Etsy) as alternatives to creating a website. Bad idea! When it comes to your biz, you’ve got to build your own house – […]

How to Know If You Need a New Website for Your Soap Business

Website Design Startup Desktop Computer Hands

Does your current website actually work for your soap business? If not, is it time to scrap it and start over with a new website? Or, can you save time and money by doing some updating on your current site? We are here to help you make your website work for you and your customers. […]

How to Stay Inspired & Competitive: An Interview with Charlene Simon

Charlene Simon Bathhouse Soapery Soapmaker Interview Head Shot

As an Arkansas girl myself, I’ve spent quite a bit of time in the city of Hot Springs, walking Bathhouse Row, popping into gift shops, and feeding ducks on Lake Hamilton. And, as a soapmaker, of course I noticed Bathhouse Soapery & Caldarium, owned by Charlene Simon, during those trips. The sudsy darling of The Spa […]

If You Could Start Your Soap Business Over, What Would You Do Differently?

If You Could Start Your Soap Business Over, What Would You Do Differently?

One of my favorite things about our Facebook group is that interesting discussions are always taking place! Recently, one of our members, Jennifer Jansen (From the Blue House) kicked off a great topic by asking: “If you had the chance to start your soap business over again, from scratch, knowing what you know now, what […]

6 Ways to Prevent Holiday Season Burnout and Stress

Six Ways to Prevent Holiday Burnout and Stress as a Biz Owner

For most soap company owners, the holiday season is a double-edged sword. It’s typically the largest sales season for a lot of small business owners, which means money – yay! On the other hand, it’s full of fast-paced decision making, supersonic speed marketing, and tons of extra work, from production, labeling, shipping, and so much […]

What to Do When You Attract a Herd of Copycats: Dealing with Imitation & Theft

You know that good ole phrase? Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery? It doesn’t stop it from being downright annoying, does it? One of the most common issues that crop up in the maker world is people biting on each other’s ideas and designs. Today, we’re diving into a topic I’m pretty passionate about: dealing with […]