8 Awesome Soap Techniques! (See How to Do Them)

rainbow mantra swirl cold process soap design

Most soapmaking design techniques are combinations of basic techniques, including layering and manipulation of the layers. Once you master controlling your formula rather than letting it control you, you will see a whole world of possibilities with a little bit of patience. Here are some common techniques with variations you can try and tips for success: Soap Design […]

Tutorial: Cranberry Pomegranate Elemental Swirl with Gold Mica line

When I discovered a Cranberry and Pomegranate fragrance oil at Aussie Candle Supplies, I couldn’t resist. Two of my favourite smells combined together! I immediately began design planning: green, white and red just seemed a logical choice. Now, elemental swirls! I didn’t know that’s what they were called until I read Kenna’s Rainbow Elemental Swirl […]

Tutorial: Rainbow Elemental Swirl/Double In-The-Pot-Swirl Soap

Pour both sides of the ITPS at the same time. I used a divider, but you don't have to - in fact, it can create a pretty cool effect to skip the divider!

I recently chatted with another soapmaker about all the different types of swirls and their names, and we battled a bit about the difference between the elemental swirl and the in-the-pot-swirl. Eventually, we agreed that an ITPS became an elemental swirl if it had more than one layer and maybe a pencil line. (Maybe?) So, it’s basically a modified ITPS, […]

Soap Challenges 2013: Elemental Swirl Soap, Week Two

It’s time for Week Two of Amy’s Soap Challenge 2013, and what’s up her sleeve? Elemental swirl soap! Last August (2012), Otion posted an elemental swirl soap on their blog and I remember Amy’s Caribbean Diva soap that followed shortly thereafter, using the same technique. When you break it down, an elemental swirl soap is pretty much […]