It’s the End of the Central Soapers Workshop (Here’s Why)

The End of CSW 2015

I’ve been stewing on a major decision… And I’m finally ready to share… Oh my. (Before we get to that, here’s your earworm. Yum, REM.) In 2012, I was a little cranky about all the soapy gatherings that were happening everywhere else but here… near Kansas City. So, hey, quit yer bitchin’ and do something about […]

Central Soapers Workshop: Sunday Recap (Part 3)

I hope you enjoyed the previous two Central Soapers Workshop 2014 recap posts! Let’s wrap this up with a recap on Sunday’s events, because really, that was the best day. (Maybe I’m a little biased here?) Let’s kick it off with what went down in The Workshop on Sunday! First up was the amazing Amanda […]

Central Soapers Workshop 2014: Saturday Recap (Part 2)

I promised a play by play recap of Central Soapers Workshop 2014, so we’ll jumpstart with the longest day of them all: SATURDAY! Central Soapers Workshops is divided into two parts: the Workshop and the Soap Lab. The Workshop is where we talk biz. The Soap Lab is where we get together to whip up […]

Soap Making Conferences: Central Soapers Workshop 2014 (Recap Part 1)

This past weekend was totally crazy! I spent 72 hours straight eating, breathing, and dreaming of Central Soapers Workshop, an annual soap making conference in the midwest region. Central Soapers Workshop is hosted by myself and a fab team of volunteers, right here in Kansas City. We start planning in the summer before the event […]

4 Rules to Better Blogging for Beauty Businesses

I’m hanging out at Central Soapers Workshop this weekend, talking shop and networking with 50+ other soapmaking superstars. Central Soapers Workshop is an annual gathering for soapmakers in the central U.S. region, and is hosted by myself and a team of fabulous volunteers. Central Soapers Workshop is what lead to Modern Soapmaking’s creation. It was […]