Essential Oil Calculator Product Categories Explained (+ Updates)

Place a drop of each essential oil on it's corresponding fragrance strip.

It’s been about a month and a half since the launch of the essential oil calculator,which means it’s time for an update! Essential Oil Calculator Updates (December 2016) Changes & Updates Fixed a typo causing¬†Anise (Star)‘s methyl chavicol amount to always be over IFRA limits New Additions Anise n’ Mint¬†– anise and peppermint blend submitted¬†by¬†Eulandria […]

Behind the Scenes of Bringing the Essential Oil Blending Calculator to Life

For years, I’ve been¬†wanting to put together an essential oil blending resource for the community, but couldn’t manage to spend the time¬†to create it myself. This past summer, I took a nosedive into crowdfunding (once again!), to make it a reality. In the last three¬†months, I’ve worked nonstop on the massive project of essential oil […]