How to Better Understand SoapCalc’s Soap Quality Numbers

A lot of soapmakers start formulating on their own based on SoapCalc‘s soap quality numbers, even though they are surrounded by mystery. Most soapmakers aren’t exactly sure where the numbers come from or what exactly the numbers mean. So much so that students in my Formulating Soap Recipes class were blown away to learn what contributes to the […]

Critical Safety Measures Every Smart Soapmaker Should Know

Prepping your ingredients and creating a flow with help you make handmade soap safely

When many soapmakers first start out, they don’t give much thought to how to make handmade soap safely. And when they do, their efforts are typically focused on the caustic nature of lye, and not on any of the other ingredients or important safety measures. And even still, misinformation runs rampant on something as universally important […]

How to Efficiently Create a Masterbatch of Oils for Soapmaking in Soapmaker 3

Soapmaker 3 Tutorials

When I originally wrote Efficiency in Scaling: Introduction to Masterbatching, Soapmaker 3 didn’t have a lot of the great features it does now, so the workaround for creating a masterbatch of oils for soapmaking in Soapmaker 3 was a little messy. Nowadays, it’s super easy to create a masterbatch of oils and account for inventory, […]

10 Simple Tips & Tricks for Smoothly Swirling Hot Process Soap

Swirling Hot Process Soap

The most common misconception I hear about hot process soap is that they are “rustic” – I am pretty sure that means plain, simple and a little boring! While I appreciate the elegance of single colored soaps, it is mighty fun to make cool & beautiful designs in most of my soaps! And, you can, without a doubt, […]

Using Hot Process Soapmaking for Production Soaping

Swirled Hot Process Soap by Ridgeway Soapworks

Like many of you, I learned how to make soap using the cold process method. My soap story actually started with a large jar of coconut oil that I wanted to find a use for, and after a google search of “uses for coconut oil” learned that it is a wonderful oil to use in soap. […]

10 Surprising Facts About My Soapmaking History & Philosophy

A look back at Kenna's first company, Amathia Soapworks

When I teach soapmaking classes and workshops, I always share little tidbits about my soapmaking that surprise students because they don’t tend to follow the norm for soapmakers. I like to share these surprising facts because I think they help soapmakers realize that their path in learning the craft is personal to them, and that […]

Updated: Lather Lovers Additive Tests, One Year Later!

In 2013, I retested the samples from the 2012 swap to see how they compared.

In 2012, I participated in the Lather Lover’s Additive Testing swap on the Dish Forum, hosted by the fabulous Shannon of Scenter Square. I kept the samples from the testing for a couple years after the initial tests, and ran follow-up lather tests in 2013 and 2014 before I threw away the soaps. Recently, I found my photo […]