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Soap Challenges 2013: Elemental Swirl Soap, Week Two

Rainbow Elemental SwirlIt’s time for Week Two of Amy’s Soap Challenge 2013, and what’s up her sleeve? Elemental swirl soap!

Last August (2012), Otion posted an elemental swirl soap on their blogΒ and I remember Amy’s Caribbean Diva soapΒ that followed shortly thereafter, using the same technique. When you break it down, an elemental swirl soap is pretty much a soap featuring In the Pot Swirls layered, with pencil lines between them. Like all coloring techniques, this one is equally as flexible and can be modified for any skill level.

After the amazing response to my Rainbow Tiger Stripe last week, I’ve decided to stick with my love of color and create a little consistency throughout the challenge. Every soap will be the same colors and fragrance, with each different technique. This forces me to exercise my creativity a bit more and puts me up to a real challenge – especially when we get to the last week of leopard spots, because I have never done them!!

Ready to rock the Elemental Swirl Soap in proper full spectrum fashion? Watch the making of here:

Rainbow Tiger Stripe SoapI’ve been asked quite a bit if my Rainbow Tiger Stripe soapsΒ (shown to the left) will be available for sale. These batches are extremely small batches for our normal sizes, so I’ve decided to do a special gift box set of the challenge soaps at the end.

The gift box will be especially packaged and feature all four soaps from the soap challenges, hopefully all of them equally as colorfully delicious.

This is obviously going to be a super limited edition item, and I expect to have it available mid to late May (after all the soaps get sufficient cure time, etc. Also, please keep in mind that the baby bump you see in my videos is due to go from bump to baby mid May!) This is a tentative release date and I will do my best to get it available as soon as possible. πŸ™‚

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26 Responses

  1. Such a great idea with the rainbow theme. You are so talented! These came out amazing. I like how you did all of the layers and then the rainbow for the top. Very pretty.

    1. Hi Carol πŸ™‚ I’ve been asked a few times about reservations – normally, I would allow presales but with the timing, I’m just not comfortable. Watch the blog or sign up for the newsletter to get the best notice on when they’ll be released. πŸ™‚ Thank you for the support!

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